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Ukraine: Putting Politics back in the Driving Seat |

Ukraine: Putting Politics back in the Driving Seat

Original: RussEurope – Ukraine : mettre la politique au poste de commande
Translated by @GBabeuf / Edited by Jacques Sapir
Jacques Sapir
August 29th, 2014 @ 12:40—Jacques Sapir
It is now high time that Politics resumes its rights in the Ukrainian crisis. However, this requires in the first instance, that a cease-fire should be speedily arranged between the governments of Kiev and of the insurgents. It is towards this end that all energies should be focussed. Nevertheless, one should note that this is not [currently] the case, and that anti-Russian hysteria is rife in the media. One should recall, then, several points, which appear to have been systematically forgotten in the commentaries one is able to hear or read on the situation in the Ukraine.
  1. The Ukrainian government has employed disproportionate force which has led to civilian casualties and untold destruction in the cities held by insurgents. There has been much indiscriminate bombing. Here the suspicion may be formulated that the military chiefs of the Kiev forces have deliberately to punish the population and have sought to carry out an ethnic cleansing in order to provoke an exodus of the Russophone population. All this goes as far as constituting “war crimes”. It is striking that, until a very recent period (in fact, until Saturday, 23rd August), there had been no reports on the subject on the “major” television stations. The French press, usually—to its honour—so readily moved, was for very long and very strangely silent on eastern Ukraine. Was this because the victims were “ethnically” Russian, as they say? To believe that Russia, whether it is a question of the Russian State or of the Russian population, could ignore the plight of this population is a profound illusion, a profound mistake. Indeed, to think that Russia could have taken an attitude of strict neutrality in relation to these events had no basis. Russia took, until these last days, a position of non-belligerence. The presence of Russian volunteers, comprising approximately three thousand of the insurgents’ forces, pays witness to the deep feeling of sympathy that the plight of the eastern Ukrainian population has aroused.
  1. The presence of Russian troops is alleged by NATO, and, of course, by the Kiev government. The Russian government denies these accusations. NATO estimates, for the moment, the number of Russian troops to be around a thousand. Note that, even if NATO is right on this point, this number of troops is completely inadequate to explain the military collapse suffered by Kiev’s forces in these past days. It is estimated that the number of soldiers (of the Ukrainian Army and of the National Guard) engaged in operations against the insurgents is some fifty thousand. Meanwhile, they face a force of around fifteen thousand. If the presence of those Russian troops were confirmed, they could only have performed a local and marginal role in the fighting that took place in these last days. Their presence cannot therefore explain the numerous defeats suffered by the Kiev forces. From this perspective, it is significant that the United States’ State Department talks of “an incursion” and not, as many journalists do, of “an invasion”. This means that the problem is political and not military. It is clear that, if it is proven, this presence of Russian troops is not acceptable, and that Russia must withdraw its troops as soon as possible. Russia must, if this is the case, return to a position of non-belligerency, and the countries of the European Union and the United States should guard against falling into the trap set by Kiev, which, evidently, is seeking to internationalise the conflict.
  1. Words have a meaning. In routinely employing the word “invasion”, certain French journalists are making a twofold mistake. On the one hand, they reactivate the image in our collective memory of the invasions suffered by our countries a number of times in history. When invasion is talked about, one thinks of hundreds of thousands of men breaching the frontiers. Now, it can be seen that this is absolutely not the case in Ukraine. On the other hand, in doing this, they take sides with the Kiev government. This also raises the problem of pluralism of opinion in different press organisations, whether of the written press or the audio-visual press.
  1. These same journalists claim that “Russian” equipment is in the hands of the insurgents, which “proves” the involvement of Russia to the benefit of the latter. Here, it should be known that the insurgents have captured in these last months significant amounts of equipment and materiel from the Kiev forces. The insurgents have reported more than two hundred units of armour (tanks, but also Infantry Fighting Vehicles and self-propelled artillery) captured in combat.[1]

The Urgency of a Cease-Fire

I have already said it on many occasions, a cease-fire is necessary and one must find political solutions to avoid crisis escalation. The Kiev government must agree to negotiate and accept the insurgents as interlocutors, which amounts, in fact, to accepting their legitimacy. As long as it will refuse to do this, the situation can only further deteriorate, not only on the ground, but also politically. Kiev’s troops have, in some places at the front, disbanded, abandoning their equipment and ordnance. Others are, today, encircled. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has anyway asked of the insurgents that a humanitarian corridor be opened for them so that those troops can be evacuated via Russia. The dramatic nature of the situation can easily be seen. At the same time, the Kiev forces continue to bombard civilian populations. One can therefore see well that henceforth it is imperative that an end to combat is sought. However, if a cease-fire can be established in the coming days, which is currently by no means given, it must be guaranteed for the long-term. This implies, ultimately, the interposition of troops [a 'separation force'], under a United Nations mandate, to stabilise the situation on the ground, and to avert new provocations by either side which might be used as a pretext for a resumption of the shooting war. These troops, though, cannot in all likelihood be from European Union states, or from NATO or Russia. EU and NATO troops would be unacceptable to the insurgents, and equally Russian troops for Kiev. We must therefore resort to the emerging nations; to Brazil, to India, even to China. Here the weight of symbolism should be gauged: “Blue helmets” coming from emerging countries to ensure the task of separating warring sides [what is called “interposition” forces] in Europe will furnish the most striking indication of the failure of the European Union and of its inability, contrary to its claims, to guarantee peace. 

This will also be a demonstration of the reality of the multipolar world of the 21st century.

Which Political Solution?

A cease-fire is not an end in itself, even if an end to combat is today urgent. It must allow the emergence of a political solution to the crisis. Now, since the end of February, the magnitude of the tragic mistakes made either by the leaders of Kiev or of the European Union can be measured. In rejecting, in the first days of March, guarantees of the linguistic and cultural rights of the population of eastern Ukraine, the former made the uprising inevitable. In refusing the hypothesis of an extended federalism; in entering into hostilities with the purported “Anti-Terrorist Operation”, they provoked a rift , perhaps permanent, with the insurgents. As for the EU states, they took a long time before they told the Ukrainian government that there was no question of them joining the EU. They thereby encouraged dangerous illusions amongst leaders in Kiev. They also refused to exert decisive pressure on this government [on Kiev] to accept, while there was still time (in April and May, 2014), an extended federalism on the model of the Canadian asymmetric federalism, from which Quebec benefits. In this regard, these leaders have their share of responsibility for the Ukrainian crisis. Finally, the third and decisive error, was to take Washington’s declarations on responsibility in the drama of the Malaysian Airlines aeroplane (MH17) as granted. The more so when one could have had very serious doubts about Washington’s theory, they contributed to convincing Russia of a thoroughgoing bad faith in the EU concerning the Ukrainian case.

Today, while it is clear that neither the United States, nor NATO, nor the EU will militarily rescue Kiev, the available options for negotiation are actually smaller. They are reduced to two scenarios: a recognition of the rebel authorities and of the autonomy of Novorossiya within the framework of the Ukrainian nation [state] (on the model of the autonomous province of Kurdistan in today’s Iraq), or a de facto independence of the entity named Novorossiya, but which would not be recognised by the international community. We would have, then, a new “frozen conflict” in Europe, and the latter would entail long-term tensions with Russia. This would accelerate the latter’s tilting towards Asia, with important commercial consequences for the EU states.

I have written and said on numerous occasions: I remain convinced that the best solution is a broad autonomy within the Ukrainian national framework. This solution allows important economic relations to exist. Now, without the coal of the Donbass, with a frozen conflict, the economic prospects for Ukraine are catastrophic. The European Union will not have the means to pick up the pieces of the country. The insurgents must also, on their part, accept the fact of being nominally part of the Ukraine, just as the government of Kurdistan has accepted its nominal subordination to the Iraqi government. Social and human reasons militate strongly in favour of such a solution.
Since the EU has failed in the management of the Ukrainian dossier [case], as in many others, France would do well and would derive profit (because it is not forbidden to associate the useful with the honourable) from adopting a position quickly and unequivocally in favour of such an option. This not being done, it can be anticipated that, step by step, the option of de facto independence for Novorossiya will assert itself, with all the disastrous consequences that one can perceive for Europe.

[1]   From 16th to 23rd August, the insurgents captured 14 T-64s (tanks), 25 IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles), 18 APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers), 1 ARV (Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle), 1 Uragan rocket-launcher, 2 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers, 4 D-30 howitzers, 4 82mm mortars, 1 ZU 23-2 AA gun carriages, 33 cars.
From 23th June to 23rd August captured (on top of materiel destroyed) from Kiev forces: 79 T-64s (tanks), 94 IFVs (primarily BMP-2s and BMP-3s), 57 APCs (primarily 8-wheeled BTR-70s and -80s), 3 armoured engineer vehicles, 24 (122mm) Grad BM-21 MLRS, 3 Uragan rocket-launchers, 2 Tulip 2C4 self-propelled artillery pieces, 6 Nona 2C9 self-propelled howitzers, 27 Gvozdika 2C1 self-propelled howitzers, 14 D-30 howitzers, 36 82mm mortars, 19 ZU 23-2 23mm AA gun double carriages, 157 cars and trucks.
Furthermore, at the start of the insurrection, the insurgents seized police armouries, where equipment—generally old—had been stored. In total, then these are significant amounts which can equip forces the size of the insurgents’ (around 15,000 men). This is Soviet equipment, produced in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. The various images that are available show this equipment, and even equipment which is much older. Nothing gives credence to the idea that Russia has delivered weapons to the insurgents. Now, it should also be said that occasional deliveries of weapons, whether these were decided by the government or whether they took place illegally, are perfectly possible. However, for now, the equipment which is used by the insurgents appears to have been seized form the Kiev forces.

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Svoboda holds a rally on Kiev streets (Photo: Reuters).

Svoboda holds a rally on Kiev streets (Photo: Reuters).

Published 26 August 2014 
As Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko dissolves the country's parliament, we look at the role that far-right groups have played in his government – and whose role could increase after October's elections.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has seen a significant loss of life. Over 2,000 people have been killed since Kiev launched it's “anti-terrorist” operation in April.
President Poroshenko has received near unconditional backing from NATO, the United States and the European Union, despite the widespread reports of civilian casualties in the eastern regions.
This support continues despite recent press coverage highlighting the uncomfortable presence of far-right and neo-Nazi groups fighting alongside the Ukrainian army in the eastern provinces, raising the possibility of Kiev's tolerance of fascism.

Government depends of the far-right
The pro-European protests – dubbed Euromaidan for taking place on Maidan Square in Kiev – began in November 2013, after President Yanukovich announced Ukraine would not sign a free trade agreement with the EU.
By December the protests became increasingly violent, with visible leaders emerging. By January, the streets of Kiev looked like a war zone.
The key leaders of the Euromaidan movement were former professional boxer Vitaly Klitschko, now mayor of Kiev; Arseniy Yatsenyuk current Prime Minister and member of the Fatherland party and Oleg Tyahnybok, leader of the far-right Svoboda party.
Svoboda, Klitschko's Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) and the Fatherland party have been the greatest political winners from the ousting of Yanukovich, taking over 36 percent of seats in the Rada – Ukraine´s parliament - and becoming the major political alliance backing President Poroshenko.
In total, 285 out of the 445 deputies backed the government coalition. Most deputies in the recently dissolved parliament did not belong to any major party. But the core government alliance – which was granted key positions within Poroshenko's government – comprises extreme-right wing forces that led Euromaidan.

Svoboda party: rehabilitating Ukraine’s Nazi past 
The Svoboda party was originally named the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine, inspired by Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator. The group characterized itself by wearing Nazi symbols and organizing in a similar fashion. The SNPU renamed itself to Svoboda in 2004.
Bandera, leader of the Nazi collaborators of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was reportedly directly responsible for killing between 40,000 and 60,000 Poles in the Volhynia Region in 1943 as well as many Jews and Communists. Stepan Bandera's collaboration with Nazi Germany also helped the Nazis to invade Ukraine where they slaughtered 3 million Ukrainians, including 900,000 Jews.
In January 2014, Svoboda led a march  of 15,000 people commemorating Bandera and during the Maiden protests the red and black flag of Nazi occupation in the Ukraine was waved.
During the Maiden protests the red and black flag of Nazi occupation in the Ukraine was waved.
The party re-branded itself by changing its name to leave behind the Nazi stench. Nonetheless, the inescapable truth is that Oleh Tyahnybok, Svoboda leader, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” Whilst Svoboda adviser Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn established a "Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre" in 2005 and wrote a 2010 book citing works by Goebbels. He has has referred to the Holocaust as a "period of Light in history".
Even as the party implemented a series of presentational changes, they lost their main European allies in the European Nationalist Movement – a right-wing bloc of parties with seats in the European Parliament – after Svoboda staged anti-Hungarian demonstrations. A large minority of people of Hungarian-origin live in Ukraine.
uch views led the European Parliament in 2012 to express concerns regarding Svoboda's "racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views” that “go against the EU's fundamental values and principles," and appealed "to pro-democratic parties in the Rada not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with" Svoboda.

From 2009, Svoboda's popularity began to rise. By 2012, the party had rapidly grown, and allied itself with the UDAR party, led by former boxer Klitschko. Klitschko has publicly claimed that his boxing abilities came from his Aryan inheritance.
After Petro Poroshenko's election, the foundations of the new political map were in place. President Poroshenko, whose party did not win any seats in the new Parliament  had to ally with UDAR, Svoboda and Fatherland.
Today, for example, Svoboda holds key posts in the Ukrainian government including judicial and security posts. This includes the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Secretary and Deputy Head of the National Security and National Defense Committee (RNBOU) and the Prosecutor-general.

Far-right forces involved in “anti-terror” campaign in Ukraine
Since the ousting of President Yanukovich in February 2014, the eastern regions of Ukraine – made up of large proportion of people of Russian-descent - rebelled, fearing a crackdown by nationalist forces.
Such fears followed the government's crackdown on Russian speaking television networks, the banning of imports of Russian book and the overturning of a previous law which gave regional rights to minority languages – a third of Ukrainian population speaks Russian, while a sizable minority speak Hungarian.
Furthermore, the new Ukrainian government whipped up fear of attacks on the parties defending the cultural rights of the people in the eastern provinces with the attempt to ban the Communist Party by claiming it was aiding the rebels. The party, which held 33 deputies in the Parliament, was expelled the legislative body following a law approved on July 22. This was celebrated by Oleksander Turchynov, the Rada's head who said “we have corrected a historical error by disbanding the faction”. Turchynov belongs to the Fatherland party, part of the governing alliance.
Against such measures, Crimea voted on rejoining the Russian Federation, a move that was not anticipated by Kiev or the West.
Then Russian speaking people in other eastern provinces demanded greater autonomy with many deciding to hold a referendum in May.
Kiev labeled them “terrorists” and attacked the rebel-held regions creating what has been described as a humanitarian crisis for thousands. The UN human rights office reports that in the first two weeks of August, over 1000 died in the ensuing violence  with at least 4,953 others wounded. The UN labeled the figures as “very conservative estimates”.
The so called anti-terrorist clampdown has seen the presence of neo-Nazi paramilitary forces fighting alongside the army to defeat the eastern rebels.
As part of the negotiations for achieving his government coalition in the Rada, President Poroshenko ceded the key posts of the Internal Affairs to the Fatherland party´s Arsen Avakov.
As part of the negotiations for achieving his government coalition in the Rada, President Poroshenko ceded key posts to his right-wing allies. 

Avakov opened a volunteer unit in the National Guard, under his jurisdiction, called the Azov Battalion, which use a swastika-like symbol, also used in the Minister's official seal.
The Right Sector – a nother right-wing movement – was incorporated into the battalion, together with ultra-nationalist movement Patriots of Ukraine.
But the neo-Nazi tide is not limited to the Azov Battalion. Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector, announced in July the creation of its own paramilitary unit. A new-born party, the Radical Party, created by Oleh Lyashko – who became famous for punching another member of parliament – has become increasingly popular by making raids into the east with his own paramilitary group. His popularity on polls has gone from zero to around 20 percent, making him a new political force.
An article recently published in the English newspaper The Daily Telegraph warned that such battalions “with several thousand men under their command, are officially under the control of the Interior Ministry but their financing is murky, their training inadequate and their ideology often alarming”.
As the same article points out, Adriy Biletsky, the Azov commander, “is also head of an extremist Ukrainian group called the Social National Assembly,” and recently stated that “the historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival. A crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen [sub-human].”
Investigative reporter Robert Parry who broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s has described how the Azov battalion waves the Wolfsangel flag, a symbol used by Adolf Hitler’s SS divisions in World War II.
Anton Geraschenko, an adviser to the Interior Minister, openly confessed that the Ukrainian government knows of the political ideology held by these paramilitary groups. In his own words, “Ukraine’s government is unrepentant about using neo-Nazis.”

US Backing for Right-Wing Groups
Since 1991, the U.S. government has spent US$5 billion financing opposition parties in the Ukraine under so-called “promotion of democracy” programs. Prominent U.S. politician John McCain – who had played a pivotal role in the ousting of eastern European government during the nineties – addressed the Euromaidan crowds, shoulder to shoulder with Tyahnybok. U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland held a friendly meeting with the Svoboda party leaders in February before the coup.
In a famous leaked call between the US State Department's Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Nuland explained which personalities the United State's Department wanted to head the new Ukrainian government. Nuland said that tactically Sbovoda head Tyahnybok should remain “on the outside” of future administration. But she wanted the U.S. Ambassador to consult with Fatherland´s Arseniy Yatsenyuk, “four times a week.” Yatsenyuk, currently the Prime Minister, headed the transitional post-Maidan government.
Even though the issue of far-right involvmeent is now being raised by Western mainstream media, NATO and the EU together with the U.S. continue to support Kiev.
There are real fears that for the first time since the end of the Second World War explicitly far-right groups are playing a preeminent role in a European government – a role that could strengthen further after October´s elections.

A new country is born: Novorossiya has won its war of independence from Ukraine

Ukraine on verge of collapse as Kiev forces capitulate: U.S. 'catapults the propaganda' with another desperate 'Russian invasion' ploy

A new country is born: Novorossiya has won its war of independence from Ukraine
Remember when August was considered a 'slow-news month'? Neither do we! Hot on the heels of last week's failed attempt to smear the Russian humanitarian aid convoy as a 'Russian invasion of Ukraine', US-led hysteria reached fever-pitch yesterday when blanket media coverage once again shrieked 'Russian invasion of Ukraine!' Citing 'US intel' about Russian troop movements and Porky-shenko's alleged claim that Russian military had crossed into Ukraine, the US government called - via puppet state Lithuania - an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the "thousands of Russian troops crossing into Ukraine". "10,000" Russian troops in a full-scale ground invasion became "1,000" Russian troops, which became grainy satellite images of dubious quality, which became USA's UN lobbyist for perpetual war, Samantha Power, posting tweets from the UNSC meeting that amounted to 'Russia is a poopy-head'. 

The timing reflects the extent to which Kiev has lost military control of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, now called Novorossiya, to say nothing of political influence over the people living there. As a result of this consolidating of the 'reality on the ground', the peace talks between Russia, the EU and other Eurasian partners in Minsk this week, and the upcoming EU Summit in Brussels and NATO's Summit in Cardiff next week, this latest volley of propaganda fired at Russia by the US empire-builders is a sign of their desperation to prevent the inevitable: rapprochement and back-room deals between the EU and Russia.
Igor Strelkov

Vladimir Kononov

Aleksandr Zakharchenko
On August 7, Aleksandr Zakharchenko was made Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic, replacing Alexander Borodai (now deputy PM). The man who assumed leadership of the Donbass Militia in April, unifying the rag-tag groups of fighters into a single fighting force, Igor Strelkov, has been replaced by Vladimir Kononov. The leadership in Lugansk has experienced a similar shuffling of personnel. Considering Strelkov's reputation in the region, this came as a shock to many, with rumors of his being seriously wounded in battle. (These rumors have been denied by Novorossiyan sources). But if recent events are any judge, the new leadership has signaled a turning point in the war of independence being fought in the Donbass. 
Novorossiya 2014 Independence

Kolomoisky, preparing to blow up the dam DnieproGES in case of surrender of the city.

Kolomoysky DnieproGES explode if the militia should Zaporozhye

LifeNews learned some details secret "plan B", prepared by the Ukrainian oligarch.

According to LifeNews, Zaporozhye, now located under the auspices of the actual head of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky, preparing for a possible transition to the hands of militias. We became aware of the secret "Plan B", which was discussed on August 28 heads of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions. According to our well-informed source, the power of Zaporozhye, controlled by oligarch, preparing to blow up the dam DnieproGES in case of surrender of the city.
On Thursday, August 28, Igor Kolomoisky announced that it would begin the implementation of a "Plan B", without explaining what it is. But the tycoon said that now takes control and protection of Mariupol and Odessa. According to experts, Kolomoysky can not count on the help of Kiev, so deal with militia forces he would have alone.
- He is sponsoring its punitive battalions, other forces he does not. All the government army will remain in the south-east of the country, and under no circumstances Poroshenko now will not help Kolomoiskiy - said military expert Vladimir Timoshenko.
As told LifeNews source in Zaporozhye city administration, shortly after this statement appeared in the city Kolomoiskiy Boris Filatov, the right hand of the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region. He ordered local officials to prepare for the worst and prepare dam DnieproGES undermine.
Retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin said Kolomoysky in case of a plan to undermine the dam would be "suicide".
- Burst the dam DnieproGES wash away part of Ukraine and Russia. No war is not worth the sacrifices, as the threat of destruction DGES - said the expert.
- In the history of military conflicts were similar to the situation when there is a risk of collapse of dams and power plants. But even in the Great Patriotic War, the Germans tried to avoid this - says military expert Evgeny CHernousov.

According to the source LifeNews in Zaporozhye, the local authorities are appalled by the Kolomoiskiy and his assistants, who do not skimp on the threat. However, the internal tensions within the district does not give officials an opportunity to confront the pressure of the oligarch. Production at the main local factories suspended because of the ban on military-technical cooperation with Russia. In the autumn a few of them can be closed completely.
All this contributes to the growth of discontent and opposition to the authorities. Zaporozhye remains one of the few cities that refused to turn off in order to save gas in the eternal fire. To avoid possible disturbances, in addition to people Kolomoiskiy in Kiev sent battalions that had previously conducted a sweep of Mariupol "unreliable" people.
In this case, political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev assures that the situation in the region Kolomoysky risks alienating a large part of the population of Mariupol and Zaporozhye.
- As soon as the troops of the militia will be included in a regional center, many residents of Zaporizhia can replenish their ranks. Live there Cossacks. They know how and love to fight. In favor of the resistance fighters and the National Guard battalions Kolomoiskiy says local electorate tired of empty promises and lordly manners Kolomoiskiy - said the expert. - Taxis mood and the economy: housing prices, currency instability, the gas pressure on the issue of people in favor of resistance to power.
DnieproGES - critical infrastructure south-east of Ukraine. One that feeds electricity station several areas. Dam DnieproGES blew twice during the Great Patriotic War. For the first time - on the orders of the Soviet leadership, the second time to undermine the Germans carried out during the retreat from the territory of Zaporizhzhya.

Protesters in Kiev demand ouster of Ukrainian president, defense minister


Protesters in Kiev demand ouster of Ukrainian president, defense minister

kiev protest
© AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky
A man holds a placard " General Staff save Ukraine but not your asses!" during the rally in front of the Ukrainian Defence Ministery in Kiev on August 28, 2014.
Hundreds of people have gathered in front of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in Kiev, demanding resignation of President Petro Poroshenko and the defense minister over the poor handling of the military operation in the southeast.

The demonstrators, many of whom were mothers and wives of the soldiers involved in the fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, have blocked traffic at one of the capital's arterial roads, the Vozdukhoflotsky Boulevard.

They called on the army to urgently send reinforcements, including tanks and other heavy military vehicles, to the city of Ilovaysk in the Donetsk Region.

This strategic town was retaken by the self-defense forces after several days of fighting on Wednesday, which led to the encirclement of a large group of Kiev's troops.

The protesters also insisted on the resignation of defense minister Valery Geletey and all other top commanders of Kiev's so-called "anti-terrorist operation" in southeast Ukraine.

A group of youths tried to hustle away the soldiers guarding the entrance to the building and make their way into the Defense Ministry, RIA-Novosti news agency reports.

But they were asked to stand down by other rally participants, who didn't want their action to be discredited.

The commander of the Donbass battalion, fighting against the militia in southeast Ukraine, Semyon Semyontchenko, has talked to the crowd via a bullhorn, asking the protesters to "show unity."

After several hours outside the Defense Ministry, the demonstrators moved toward the presidential administration building.

The protesters said that they would remain on the streets until their demands were met by the authorities.

Several hours later, the traffic on the Ukrainian capital's main street, Khreshchatyk, was also paralyzed by demonstrators chanting: "Kiev, rise up!"
kiev protest
© Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko
A police officer tries to prevent activists and relatives of soldiers who say that the soldiers are surrounded by self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine, from getting into the defence ministry building during a protest in Kiev August 28, 2014.
According to the Itar-Tass news agency, they urged all Kiev residents to join their protest, including recently elected mayor and former boxing world champion Vitaly Klitschko.

The demands at Khreshchatyk were similar - to impeach President Poroshenko and calling for the resignation of the country's top military officials.

The mothers and wives of Ukrainian soldiers also blocked an inter-city highway in the town of Krivoy Rog.

The women said they were in despair as the situation within the Ukrainian military units fighting in the southeast is critical, Channel One reports.

"There's no food, no water, no weapons. There's lack of personnel," said a female demonstrator, who was holding a banner that read, "Save our husbands!"

Ukraine has been engulfed in violent internal conflict since April, when Kiev's military began its crackdown on southeastern regions of the country.

The Donetsk and Lugansk regions refused to recognize the new coup-imposed authorities and demanded federalization of the country.

According to United Nations' estimates released Tuesday, over 2,249 people have so far been killed and over 6,033 wounded in the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The number of internally displaced Ukrainians has reached 190,000, with another 207,000 finding refuge in Russia, the UN said.

Comment: The mothers and wives of the Ukrainians are correct. Their sons and lovers are being sent to the southeast as cannon fodder, and the Donetsk and Lugansk armed forces are making mincemeat out of them. But the solution isn't to send more troops, more weapons; it's to get the hell out of Novorossiya and stop the slow genocide of the people living there.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kiev’s Claims About Russian Troops in Ukraine Groundless

Kiev’s Claims About Russian Troops in Ukraine Groundless

The claims concerning Russian troops entering Ukraine are groundless, Leonid Slutsky, the head of the State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs, said Thursday.
“Lies have become habitual for the so-called Ukrainian authorities, so [Ukrainian President] Poroshenko is not going to surprise anyone in Russia, or in the West. I can only say that there are no grounds for such claims,” Slutsky told RIA Novosti.
According to the official, Poroshenko’s cancelation of his scheduled visit to Turkey under the pretext of Russian troops crossing into Ukraine is nothing but a publicity stunt.
“I think that very soon the international community will make an objective assessment of the Kiev junta’s actions, and many countries, members of the European Council, the representatives of which we are constantly in touch with, are beginning to realize that Kiev is leaking lies,” Slutsky said.
Earlier, the Ukrainian president canceled his trip to Turkey and called an emergency meeting with the country’s security council due to the aggravation of the situation in Donetsk Region, as “Russian troops were actually brought into Ukraine.”
Russia’s envoy to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Andrei Krelin, denied the claims that Russia had sent troops to help independence supporters in eastern Ukraine.
On August 24, Donetsk People’s Republic forces started to move south to the Sea of Azov on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Three days later, the republic claimed it had moved tanks into Novoazovsk on the Sea of Azov.

Could Obama's Legacy Be Destroyed by His Ukraine Policy?

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Eric Zuesse
The Ukrainian Government prior to the coup had been economically sustained by borrowing both from Russia to the east, and also from the EU and U.S. to the west (with a substantial portion of the U.S. portion of that debt consisting of IMF loans -- the U.S. Government is the major donor to the IMF). These loans were, ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, largely being pocketed by the well-connected former communist nomenklatura or insiders who had been given formerly state-owned industries during the Harvard-designed privatization program throughout the former U.S.S.R. These new oligarchs (such as the current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who received the Leninska Kuznya shipyard and some state-owned chocolate factories, as well as a few other companies in retailing and news-media) got the benefits of those loans and socked away much of their consequent accumulating wealth in offshore tax-havens, so that the mounting sovereign debt of Ukraine is already crushing the Ukrainian population by severe cutbacks in Government expenditures for social services, road maintenance, and other government services, while those oligarchs have palatial residences in Western Europe. The public, in other words, suffer the debts, while the "oligarchs" or aristocrats (the former communist insiders) are now multi-billionaires; and one of them, Ihor Kolomoysky, was assigned a crucial Governorship, from which post he has largely masterminded and overseen the ethnic-cleansing campaign, which is clearing away the local residents in the land-area of the gas-fields Furthermore, in order for Ukraine to pay its debts, it is selling off the assets that had formerly produced income for Ukraine (largely for Ukraine's skimming oligarchs) such as selling off the gas pipelines that carry gas from Russia to Europe. The biggest portion of Ukraine's income was the transit-fees from these pipelines, and now these fees will go to investors in Europe and America, instead of to Ukraine. But Ukraine needs this money desperately right now, because the EU won't extend more credit, and the U.S. is already beginning to wake up to its disaster in Ukraine.
So: this costly war will leave behind a failed-state in northwestern Ukraine, and a separatist southeast, which will likely seek and receive membership in the Russian Federation. The perhaps more than a million refugees from Obama's ethnic-cleansing program in the southeast will probably return to and rebuild their bombed-out land, and likely receive a kind of Russian Marshall Plan to assist in that effort.
Looking back, it won't be any sort of feather in Obama's cap, but instead a black mark that will be comparable to, and perhaps even bigger than, George W. Bush's catastrophe in Iraq.
Already, Obama's economic legacy is economic stagnation for all but America's richest 1%, who gained in income 31.4% while the bottom 99% flatlined a mere 0.4% during the Obama Administration's first three years. To call that flatlining for the bottom 99% an "economic recovery" is to lie, which is what Obama and professional economists routinely do. And, normally, in an economic recovery after a crash, the bottom 99% do far better than do the top 1%, not far worse. This was the direct result of Obama's continuing Bush's policies of a bailout for the banksters, and a failout for the borrowers and investors. Also, the peddle-to-the metal at the Fed was and is a huge upward redistribution of wealth. So, President Obama's liberal rhetoric on his claimed concern about "equality in America" rings hollow, if not fraudulent.
A President like this will be rated at or near the bottom by historians. Perhaps he's just a less honest version of George W. Bush, the latter having made no bones about his conservatism. At least Bush was honest about that. Obama has lied about the most basic things of all: what he believes, what he actually cares about, as shown by the decisions that he has made in office. His policies display him as being like George W. Bush but a better liar from the standpoint of liberals, who have been taken in by his lies.
The disaster of his Presidency is now likely to produce electoral losses for the Democratic Party in November, which result will then be a certain kind of poetic justice for a Party whose principles are so fraudulent that not even a single Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a bill of impeachment to remove him from office. That failure is equivalent to the entire Democratic Party accepting the deep stain on the Democratic Party's progressive brand, a stain that means: "We're all fakes. Obama's policies, his actual record, reflect our conservative values. He's not a Republican-in-verbal-disguise. He really is one of us, even after his having been the first U.S. President to place outright nazis into control of a foreign government."
The only thing that can significantly reduce the mounting cynicism in this country is for a House Democrat to introduce a bill of impeachment against perhaps the worst President in American history. It would be to say: "He's not really a Democrat, at heart; he's just a very effective liar." If Democrats want to retain control of the Senate, they'll need to disown and remove this stain upon it. For the 2014 elections, and the 2016 Presidential election, this will signal the end of the corrupt Clinton-Obama "Democratic" Party, and the rebirth of the FDR Democratic Party, a Party that truly was progressive and anti-fascist.
It would end the Clinton-Obama one-Party, conservative-Party, corporate-Party, U.S. political system. But without that change, the U.S. has no realistic hope. If Obama continues to be accepted as a Democrat, then the final two years of his Presidency will be spent signing into law numerous far-right bills that have passed both houses of Congress -- a Republican House and a Republican Senate. He'll have a field day signing so many fascist bills into law. It will be the most conservative Government in American history. The Democratic Party will be dead. And democracy in America will be just a nostalgic memory for Americans who are old enough to remember what it was like. What it was like was progress for and in America. What we will have ever afterwards is dictatorship for and in America. The choice is up to each and every current Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Even before the Ukrainian junta-Government's collapsing, Americans are more favorable toward impeachment of Barack Obama than they ever were toward impeachment of Bill Clinton, or even of George W. Bush -- and no House Democrat even introduced a bill to impeach even him. (Does the Democratic Party not stand for anything at all?) The demand for Obama's impeachment will only grow, if there turn out to be two Republican-controlled Houses of Congress -- and, then, the bill to impeach will inevitably be a Republican one, with Republican (not Democratic) reasons. The only opportunity for the Democratic Party to restore itself and America, will have been missed.
At present, Democrats are so despondent, Gallup headlined on August 27th, "Republicans' 'Thought' to 2014 Election Exceeds Democrats': GOP advantage more similar to those in 2002 and 2010 than in 2006," and reported that, "Republicans (42%) are much more engaged than Democrats (27%) in the election at this point." Whereas Republican voters feel that they have an ideology (conservatism) to vote for, Democratic voters feel that they have only an ideology to vote against (conservatism) -- and little even remains to distinguish between congressional Republicans and the "Democratic" President Obama on it. If Democrats in Congress support a President who is the first one ever to install outright nazism in a foreign country, then why vote at all?
November 2014 is shaping up to be a bloodbath for the Democratic Party. (See this "Over the past two cycles, the president's job approval has explained 58 percent of the variance in competitive Senate races in any given state," and also the 6-to-1 odds of Republicans taking over the Senate; so, there will probably be two Republican houses.) There's only one way to avoid it. Is there even a single House Democrat who will stand up and do what must be done to avoid an electoral bloodbath for the entire Party? We'll soon know.

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Several questions on actual #Ukraine matters to Professor Alexandr Dugin.

Alexandr Dugin: „My enemy is Western Modernity and all that is under direct influence of its erroneous paradigms“

Several questions on actual matters to Professor Alexandr Dugin.

Alexandr Dugin
Alexandr Dugin
Dear Professor, there are some questions that seem important to „both sides“, so i firstly would like to ask You: are there „two sides“ of the story, i mean Russian and Ukrainian conflict, or how we should actually call it? War? Terrorists? Civil war? What really happened to MH17?

It was shot by Ukrainians with discrete support of USA in order to put the blame on Russians and that was made and was successful. In the postmodern world the reality is the last thing that counts. Information is all that matters.

Will Russia attack Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania?

It is highly improbable. Aggressive Western propaganda about Russian plan to invade Baltic states is completely wrong. No idea. No reason. No necessity. No possibility.

So much propaganda about Russia there is in our informational space, that one can almost think that Russia is the ultimate evil. Do You have several words for people who call themselves „russophobs“ etc.

The geopolitics is the only thing that matters. There are two main forces in the world – Seapower and Landpower. USA is the first, the Russia is second. The Seapower in for Modernity and Postmodernity, finances, liquid society, liberalism, homosexual marriages and so on. Landpower is for tradition, spiritual values, ethnic roots, normal families. If you recognize yourself in the first camp, your hate towards Russia is legitimate. So go on. If You share the traditional values and are against liberalism, so You are in trouble. There is cognitive dissonance in loving traditional society and hating Russia as Landpower. So revise Your attitude, study geopolitics, try to analyze the things independently.

What about Your academic works? As i‘ve read, You‘ve recently released several books. Could You tell more about them? 

I have published many books, more than 40. Recently I have published 5 volumes of Noomahia, the philosophical survey of plurality of civilizations and its respective Logoi. Other important work is Fourth Path. Introduction to Fourth Political Theory (beyond of the liberalism communism and fascism). The other important work is 1000 pages text on Martin Heidegger – Last God. Also the other books were recently published The War of Continents, International Relations, Geopolitics of Russia and Ethnosociology.

What would be Your words for Your enemies? Who / what is Your enemy / friend? 

My enemy is Western Modernity and all that is under direct influence of its erroneous paradigms. My friends are all those who reject the Modernity, refuse its structures and fight against it. My words for the Moderns: You are absolutely wrong in all what you think, do and dream. You will repent.

From 2015, there will really be Eurasian Union. How the world will change in a year, two, five? What could You predict?

That depends. Eurasian Union is a goal and at the same time a process. It is not granted we need to fight for it and for its limits and boundaries that should be as large as possible.

Thank You.



Commander Bieletsky of the battalion "Azov" had refused to comply with an order to advance to Novoivanovka to prevent NAF advance to Azov sea.
Commander of the punishers explained the refusal to obey orders, by the fact that already four guardsmen have been killed and 35 wounded in the battle for Ilovaysk.
Moreover, "Azov" left positions and "went to Mariupol to rest and resupply. "
A second attempt of central command to contact Commander of punitive battalion "Azov" Bieletsky ended in vain. The Commander of "Azov", using unprintable language, refused to obey. Recently, Bieletsky, who has a criminal record, was awarded the title of Lieutenant-Colonel of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is what may have added to his defiance and self-confidence.
As a result of the demarche of "Azov", Novorossiya forces have a cart-blanche to advance to Mariupol and Novoazovsk.
Earlier, it was reported that part of the National Guard left the territory of Mariupol on Monday morning.
National Guard is a volunteer regiment, staffed with the most "patriotic" types with "proper" nationalist ideology.
By Admin Kristina

Sunday, August 24, 2014

US And Ukraine Fabricated Evidence To Blame Russia And The Rebels Proven !

MH17 Shot Down  In False Flag Operation

Michael Thomas
by Michael Thomas
August 3rd, 2014
Updated 08/03/2014 at 12:03 pm

US And Ukraine Fabricated Evidence To Blame Russia And The Rebels 

Added by: @Adam1Baum

There is now a growing body of irrefutable evidence which points directly to the MH17 shoot down being a classic false flag operation. Each piece of evidence definitively places at least three nations at the scene of both the crime and the cover-up.

Whereas the Ukraine government and military executed this cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians, most likely under the direct supervision of the CIA, the US and UK governments have been implementing the non-stop coverup and false flag operation.

What follows is a step-by-step refutation of the fake evidence advanced by the US, as well as a presentation of the true facts of this heinous crime. The chronology of events is particularly telling in how it chisels out the circumstantial, yet solid case, against the US/UK and Ukraine as co-conspirators.

Rather than deconstruct each element of this fastidiously planned and coordinated conspiracy to shoot down a commercial airliner, the following headlines are presented in a manner that tell the real story.  First, a short summary of the key evidences:
Summary of Evidence
Malaysian Flight MH17, a Boeing 777 carrying a diverse group of civilian nationals, departed from Amsterdam en route to the Indonesian city of Jogjakarta. At some point upon entering Ukraine airspace it’s flight path was deliberately changed. As the airliner neared the area of the Eastern Ukraine, where rebels were known to be fighting the government forces, it was strafed or shelled by a military jet which has since been caught flying in quite close proximity to it.

The entire region has been very closely monitored by the US, NATO, and Russia by satellite and radar throughout the entire conflict. Therefore, it is implausible that there was a missile fired at MH17. Clearly, the satellite imagery/data and radar signatures would corroborate such a missile attack. The US, NATO and Ukraine have all failed thus far to produce this authentic evidence because it does not exist.

Immediately after the shoot down, the US, UK and Ukraine then went into overdrive introducing false and fabricated evidence at every turn. Everything from fake satellite images to fraudulent radar reports, from forged social network posts to fallacious stories about Russia’s involvement, from false accusations lodged by US ‘statesmen’ to fictitious conspiracies attributed to the rebels, were seeded throughout the internet to build a case against innocent parties.

What has distinguished this classic CIA-coordinated false flag operation from their other recent international crimes against humanity is the barrage of fake evidence generated so hastily in the wake of the mass murder of civilians. Because this was not technically a war crime, it carried the additional weight of being falsely attributed to Russia and rebels, so odious was the premeditation and calculated effects on the world community.

First And Foremost This False Flag Was Perpetrated By The US To Smear Russia
Through the following series of headlines, there is a patently false narrative which emerges with greater relief with each subsequent story.   With each exposé, the revelations demonstrate that there was a plot woven in Washington, London and Kiev to implicate Russia in a nonexistent missile attack.  Which is exactly why the US and NATO has refused to release any real evidence.  Their scheme from the start was to let loose an avalanche of fabricated evidence pointing to Russia so that the real facts on the ground would be quickly lost, or misinterpreted, or ignored … and then not even considered in the frenzy to attribute blame.

For the uninitiated this is precisely how false flags always evolve.  No hard or factual evidence is ever presented which can be objectively evaluated.  A literal barrage of false evidence is disseminated, using every organ of the global mainstream media (MSM), to impugn those nations or parties that have been targeted.

The execution of this Shock & Awe strategy is always initiated in the English-speaking capitals of the world, which is why they have a pact not to spy on each other.  In this particular case all of the major newspapers of record throughout the US and UK have orchestrated a propaganda assault on Russia.  Each of the MSM news platforms in New York City and Washington, London and Sydney have been operating in collusive journalistic overdrive to accuse Russia of crimes and conspiracy of which they themselves are in fact guilty of.

After a few weeks of this staggering Shock & Awe media stratagem, the world has been so overwhelmed with the false narrative it is vulnerable to being led down the same road to a “trial by media”.  Since those who control the MSM ensure that the true facts are never revealed, the only conclusion that the community of nations can ‘officially’ come to is what has been fancifully been printed by the press.  Of course, all of the fabricated print fiction is then translated into even more ‘damning’ video coverage further incriminating innocent Russia.

As for the real inside story as to both motivation and implementation, the two stories below speak volumes:
FIRST: George W. Bush, Tony Blair found guilty of war crimes … in Malaysia; THEN: Malaysia Airliner Missile Strike(s): Was it MH-17 or MH-370?
FIRST: Nine EU countries to block economic sanctions against Russia & THEN: White House Blames Russia For MH17 Crash, Saying There’s No Believable Alternative

Here are some other headlines each of which acts as a dot on the radar screen of truth.  When these dots of fact are properly connected there is only one possible conclusion.  The US, UK and Ukraine conspired to frame Russia for a crime against humanity in order to further marginalize Russia and demonize Vladimir Putin.  As one weeds through the morass of calculated propaganda and prevarication spewing from London and Washington, the intention to cast Russia as a pariah state is clear.  At the end of the day, it is only through shocking state-sponsored terrorism events by the West that such a process of demonization can be effectuated so quickly and convincingly.

putin pariah

Back to the evidence, both false and genuine, these articles paint a picture which cannot be denied.  While this false flag operation has been successful thus far at vilifying Russia, this very dynamic and evolving story is far from over.
Downing Of Flight MH 17: False Flag Operation To Blame Russia?
Was Putin Really Being Targeted?
Was Vladimir Putin’s plane targeted?
Who shot down the Malaysian jet over Ukraine?
Why are commercial airliners flying over war zones?
MH17 Was Barely Above Restricted Airspace When It Was Shot Down
Kiev Behind Malaysian Flight Shoot Down?
Malaysian Plane Crash: Lies and Sinister Political Agenda by the West
Russia Has Photos Of Ukraine Deployment Of BUK Missile System In East
Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked
Western leadership shot down in Ukraine
Is the U.S. Withholding Evidence that Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17? What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
‘Kiev will have to answer many questions’ as UN urges intl MH17 crash probe – Moscow
Malaysian Airlines MH17 Was Ordered to Fly over the East Ukraine War Zone
FLIGHT MH17 – Kiev Flash Mob’s Final False Flag?
China Blasts “One-Sided Western Rush To Judge Russia” Over MH17
Ron Paul says ‘Not so fast!’ Re: MH17 Accusations
Onslaught Of Western Powers MH17 Propaganda Reaches ‘Shock & Awe’ Proportions
Putin And Merkel Agree On International MH17 Probe, Bypass US
The West’s Reckless Rush Towards War With Russia

The following stories really get to the hard evidence that points to US-UK-Ukraine complicity in regard to both the international crime and cover-up.
Radar Signatures And Satellite Imagery Of MH17 Shoot Down Reveals Critical Information
Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash – Moscow
US Claims of Flight MH17 Downing by Militia Remain Unfounded – Russia’s Defense Ministry
MH17 HOAX: Crash Scene Evidence Reveals No Boeing-777 Engine
MH17 Shrapnel and Machine Gun-Like Holes Indicate Military Aircraft Shoot Down
Black Box Proves Missile Didn’t Do It
‘Wrong time, altered images’: Moscow slams Kiev’s MH17 satellite data
Photos of MH17 Cockpit Prove No Missile, But Shelling Brought Down Airliner
Was MH17 brought down by a hidden bomb on the plane?
Russia Accuses US Of Fabricating MH17 Evidence As US Reveals More “Evidence” Of Russian Military Involvement
Each Article Contains Critical Info That Fits Into The US-UK-Ukraine Conspiracy Plot
Such a conspiracy could only have been cooked up in the bowels of  CIA headquarters at Langley.  After all, John Brennan — CIA Director — has admitted to making a secret visit to Kiev just before the military hostilities broke out between Eastern and Western Ukraine.
White House Admits CIA Director Brennan Was “Secretly” In Kiev 

The real evidence is now stacking up which proves Western (as in Western powers and Western Ukraine) culpability for the shooting down of Malaysian Flight MH17.  There is no other conclusion which can be drawn from both the hard and circumstantial evidence except that the Ukraine military committed this atrocity.  Why they perpetrated such a ‘war crime’ can only be understood by their relationship to the Anglo-American Axis of power and control.
This axis of global power exerts extraordinary influence over worldwide media.  In so doing they are able to saturate the MSM with any narrative they choose.  In the case of MH17, their selected target was Russia … for many obvious reasons.  Their MO is quite familiar in that the Anglo-American media outlets simply inundate their respective audiences with propaganda and prevarication so that their is no space (both literally and figuratively) on either print or video platforms for any dissenting coverage.  After these now predictable Shock & Awe initiatives have been seen through, the public perceptions have then been sufficiently molded so that the same Western Powers can hold their preplanned kangaroo courts … … … by the press and within the various global media forums.
What every country in the world ought to be asking themselves is how such a heinous crime could be committed by governments which continually present themselves as taking the moral high ground.  These very same Western governments have been circumstantially implicated in many other major state-sponsored terrorist events by virtue of the fact that only they could have possibly executed such technically difficult, prohibitively expensive and highly labor and material intensive false flag operations.
It’s about time the community of nations stood together against these rogue governments.  Each of them must be held accountable for the killing of so many innocents in the interest of furthering their intentions to wage war for economic gain.  Their multi-decade, international crime spree must be brought to a halt before they lay waste to even larger swaths of the planetary terrain.

Michael Thomas
August 3, 2014