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"Ukrainian Mothers, Take away Your Children, so They are not Dying for Poroshenko"!

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
"Ukrainian Mothers, Take away Your Children, so They are not Dying for Poroshenko"!

Today at one forty-seven PM

Handling gunners LC. "Ukrainian mothers, Take away Their Children, so They are not dying! Why did you send Them here ?! Why did you beg Them BulletProof vests? Let sit quietly and we Will All Live in peace! Do you think War is trifles? We now allot technique, but if something happens immediately return it to the position for combat missions. One hour and we'll be there again. Challenge us much technology does not hurt. "

Spoils of War militia under Debaltseve is incalculable

Spoils of War Militia Under Debaltseve is incalculable.

1) Spoils of War Militia Under Debaltseve is incalculable. That's Because the trophies trophies !!! VIDEO.

2) IMPORTANT! Posted by journalists. "APU Attempt to circumvent the Minsk Agreement through the Reactivation of guns of less than 100 mm. APU started to re-entry and adoption of the Soviet 85-mm anti-tank guns D-48.

The tools developed in the late 1940s, their serial production lasted about 3 years from 1955 till 1957 are manufactured in factories gun number 9 (Uralmash) and № 75. A total of 819 units produced. The reason for re-entry - the plight of the army in the field of modern military equipment and lack of funds.

The main feature antitank gun D-48 is an Exceptionally Long barrel. For Maximum Velocity muzzle barrel length WAS Increased to 74 caliber (6m. 290 mm.). In order to bring guns into the firing position calculation took about 2 minutes. Ammunition consists of 100 unitary shots (created specifically for the D-48): 44 armor-piercing and high-explosive 56 ". At a distance of 1 km armor-piercing shell at an angle of 60 ° Armor penetration 150-185 mm.

Gun D-48 required to get around Minsk Agreement and provide new parts and the National Guard under MAT artorudiyami. "

Tomorrow, February 25, The Protest March "Right Sector" controlled Kolomoisky.

Tomorrow, February 25, The Protest March "Right Sector" controlled Kolomoisky.  

Chocolate bunny rabbit Senya against collapse hryvnia so demoralized the masses that started this panic. In supermarkets buying relatively cheap sugar, cereals and salt. The shelves are empty. People square eyes and a wild hatred of authority. In the role of a goat, or rather, goats until remission stands head of the National Bank Gontareva. However, on this, apparently, it's not over. Need a new sacred sacrifice Maidan. And while Poroshenko successfully resists.

Moreover, plans for this role snickering Senya rabbit. Which is in the corner of the goat is terrible - zagryzet with perelyaku. After the "national leader" tore plans Alexander Turchinov, Arsen Avakov and, of course, "veteran" Arseniy spend the anniversary of the February "revolution of dignity" a small coup, it was decided to replace "snickering rabbit" (Yatsenyuk). 

Expression belongs to the head of AP Borys Lozhkyn. At the premiere of plan to hang the responsibility for the failure of reform, the incredible devaluation of the hryvnia, corruption and so on. In general, a complete set. The administration understands that only one resignation of the head of the NBU Valerie Gontareva problem of rising dissent can not be solved. In the currency market today is going Shaped madness.

Collapse hryvnia provoked a sharp rise in gasoline prices (an average of 30%) and basic food. It does not help even the traditional mantra of "nushovyhotitevovremyavoyny." Moreover, the administration has already given up on the so-called "democratic coalition" which nominated Arseniy premieres. To date koalitsionery flatly refuse to vote for changes to the budget proposed by the IMF. And they can be understood as the foundation wants to raise tariffs for communal least three times, and the price of gas for the population to increase by 268 percent. Plus, these "bonuses" as raising the retirement age, retirement pensions at fifteen percent of working pensioners, freezing the already poverty wages. 

Even patriots realize that by voting for this "pokraschennya" they put the fat cross on his political career. And it is in the best case. That is why for the third time postponed the date of consideration in Parliament on Budget and amendments emveefovskih government. Initially wanted to convene an extraordinary session before the twentieth of February and then transferred to 26 February, and now postponed until the third of March. 

And suddenly crawl Prime Minister, in violation of the coalition agreement and took de facto almost fired Valtsmana henchmen. Yes, no! They sat on the basic financial flows, washing AP - tax and customs. 

Moreover, Yatsenyuk accused the Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office - again quota Valtsmana - in the "protection" of corruption schemes. In fairness it should be noted that Arseny did not stay for the post of prime minister. He has repeatedly expressed its willingness to send all away. Money he already earned. Moreover, Yatsenyuk is well aware that the chair under it with its tail begins not just smolder and burn with a blue flame. 

However Kolomoysky said fight, and Arseny went into battle. And immediately controlled by the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch "veterans ATO" dragged to the building of the National Bank tires, threatening to "burn this valtsmanovskuyu with ... ku ... to x frames." Attack group Turchinov-Yatsenuk-Kolomoysky started. Tomorrow, February 25, must pass a protest march "Right Sector" controlled Kolomoisky. 

"Pravoseki" set to storm the NBU and Presidential Administration. Their plans have caused a storm of delight in social networks, where even the patriots began to reflect on the hryvnia, and not the ruble, as usual. mikle1

Artist Valentin Rekunenko.

Artist Valentin Rekunenko.

Is Ukraine a police state?, Or "Were We Born to Make Kafka Come True?"

Is Ukraine a police state?, Or "Were We Born to Make Kafka Come True?"

Yesterday, 2:06
Ukraine - a police state or "We were born to make Kafka come true!"

Ukrainian army bypasses the flanks. Who? All.

Despite the peace process, which ended with the signing of the still new Minsk Agreement, the Ukrainian side is behaving extremely inadequate. And okay even refusal to recognize Debaltsevsky boiler. This can be understood. "Facebook" is not easy. For the sake of "Facebook" even had to "defend" the airport a week after he was finally taken by the Donbass militia.
But why should simultaneously engage in peace talks and senseless provocative lawmaking?
For example, the law №1849 on Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, which states that in relation to evade conscription for military service are allowed to carry out the unspoken investigations, among them - telephone wiretapping, the removal of personal correspondence and reading SMS.
Frankly, these actions are carried out long ago. But apparently, in the bodies still working "domaydannye" employees who, in contrast to the "postmaydannyh" still archaic and old-fashioned feel that chaos should be legally issued, and somehow indecent work. Unpleasant because when conscience tormented at night, and now it will be possible to convince himself that simply executes the job description and act strictly according to the law. Self-deception, of course, but at least temporarily save yourself from illness and existential neurosis can. Well, when you have to answer for their actions, and that moment comes always, will be able to shove the blame on higher - at the Verkhovna Rada, for example.
A push down anything and not have to. Glad she has a unique thing. As you are such a bill?
public denial or justification of the military aggression of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine in 2014-2015, production and (or) distribution of materials, which is denied and (or) is justified by such military aggression, - punishable by a fine of five hundred to a thousand times the income or arrest up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years, or imprisonment for up to three years with confiscation of materials in which negated and (or) is justified by military aggression, and their means of production and distribution. "
Whether it is necessary to understand that the Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mr. Muzhenko, publicly stated that the Ukrainian army is not at war with the units of the Russian armed forces, according to the bill must be imprisonment with confiscation? .. Expropriation only what is unclear. Perhaps the most.But what to do with the TV channel, which broadcast this statement? As the hero Papanova, "sit a mustache?"
In general, democracy is on the march, European values ​​triumph. At the same time, the war no one is declared, and martial law was introduced. Well, no Debaltsevskogo boiler, of course, are not. Ukrainian army bypasses the flanks. Who? For some reason, just remember the famous movie.
Nevertheless true, first celebrations of the "peremog" then arrests of dissidents, then all combined, and now it's time our valiant guards.
Rada voted for the bill, according to which  "evasion of service of civil protection in the special period (except the recovery period) or in the event of mobilization target - is punishable by imprisonment for a term of two to five years."
Given that no one is going to recover, and mobilized in the "Civil Protection" send "to protect citizens" straight to the so-called zone ATO, then this decision really have to get on the flanks for those who do not want to kill their fellow citizens. As practice shows the last few weeks, "flank" are neighboring countries (in particular, the "aggressor" Russia), where people hastily relocated away from the "Civil Protection".
The bill is also expected to  "establish for natural and legal persons apartment for service personnel cantonment authorities and civil protection units, as well as the evacuated population during martial law."
At the same time, UNN reported that some MP Pashinsky  "expressed the view that martial law should be imposed only in the case of a full-scale offensive in Russia, because otherwise benefit from the sale of no."
I can not understand, do cheburashek attack submarine and the Altai bronekavalerii full-scale offensive?Apparently not. But this time without the occurrence of the benefits of the law there, and it is still accepted, can we assume that soon, despite the new Ming agreement, "Facebook" will delight us with the invasion of Russian combat avatars, this time, of course, a full-scale invasion.
It seems that such laws in terms of peace negotiations and at the same time refusing to see a gopher (Debaltsevsky boiler), which is, accepted an ulterior motive. APU in the boiler will be sure to disarm, as well as take control of the relevant territory, the more so as the weekend (when in theory earn ceasefire) quite have the time. And that's just another reason for the "Facebook" to announce a full-scale invasion and derail the peace process? After all, without the war power in the country collapsing economically untenable.
 But it's about a little and victorious war. However, current war with its own people in the Donbas to the Kiev authorities is not wins. And therefore remains to tighten the screws on the territory under their control, turning Ukraine into a totalitarian police state, where the only human right is the right to lick the boots red-faced American and Curly Bandera with SS-ovsky runes on his shoulder. For how long?
"We were born to make Kafka come true!" That's the slogan of the absurd and the anti-human transformation of the current Ukraine.

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#Ukraine War. What will happen next?

#Ukraine War. What will happen next? 

Boeing downed over Ukraine opened many people's eyes. It became clear that the world is rapidly heading for a global war
To be precise it rolled by cynical and mendacious Western dealers who stop at nothing with their thirst for profit
If this need to lie - they lie, if it is necessary to kill 300 people - they kill
And if we are talking about the mass murder of some sort of Russian barbarians and savages ...
Yes, there is God himself commanded to do everything in order to decimate their population and even capitalize on this
Believe me, if you still think that if you do not want the war and want to live in a world, that is exactly the same want everyone in the world - you are deeply mistaken
There is a huge force that not only does not want to live in peace. War - the only thing that allows it to exist
And this power - the United States of America with its consumer society living on credit
With its wild debts, its their artificially supported and dying dollar
So what can we expect next? To answer this question, you first need to understand what guys from the west is counting on
That's simple. Boeing downed to blame Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic
And recognize it as international terrorist organizations
Once that happens, Poroshenko the Bloodly gets the opportunity to request entry of Western troops to the territory of Ukraine for the destruction of "terrorists"
West, of course, will not leave in trouble its ally and will cater to this request
Further - militia will destroy. Blotto Ukrainians celebrates and West announces triumph of democracy
Next jubilant Ukrainians require their president-winner to settle the matter with the Crimea
And the president, of course, agrees
NATO members, doing the will of Poroshenko to liberate occupied territory of Ukraine, attack Crimea
And quickly destroyed by Russian troops, that defends the territory of Russian Federation
Worldwide it is declared an open act of aggression by Russia against all progressive humanity and begins ... World War III
How would we not want to keep the peace - West drawned us in the game where it is simply impossible
Sooner or later Russia will have to answer for all this mess
We can wait for the attack on the Crimea, we can answer earlier, protecting not yet destroyed Novorossia or Russian borders,
But in any case, thanks to Western media and politicians, this answer will be recognized by the world community like aggression and will lead to a war
An alternative to this is exactly one - Russia may retire from this
And first loose Novorossia, then the Crimea. And then will be launched Maidan mechanisms here, in Russia
Russian society, unhappy with this policy of the state, will skillfully provokes by inner enemies and traitors
Vs. Maidan, Antimaydan will rise and will be a civil war, which is also fully meets West purposes
Russians that killing Russians. As good as it gets for USA
So as you can see, all roads lead into darkness
According to Western plans, in any case, Russia will get its war, will be ruined or turned into a slave
The hope remains that the Kremlin has an ace up his sleeve that will promptly brought to light and consume all these vile plans
But even if not - do not be afraid
The fact that Americans can draw the world into a new world war is no doubt. They can, they know how to do, they start wars during many years
Their experience in this matter is difficult to overestimate
But just as there is no doubt in the fact that they will not get the result, which they counting on
The last time when they organized the Second World War, they have not succeeded. However, it does not teach them anything
Here and now, 70 years later, they want to try again
Do not be afraid. If we are destined to fight for our country, then we still do not escape

Reflections on #MH17 (Video) Documentary

On July 17, 2014, a Boeing 777 crashed on Malaysia Airlines (flight MH17) down over eastern Ukraine. All 298 passengers died, including 193 Dutch.
Netherlands took charge of the investigation into the cause of the disaster, but joined with a cover deal to Kiev. And became a pawn in an international political game.
Unvarnished Cold War rhetoric is making a comeback. Putin herein is the ultimate bad guy. What he says is labeled as poisonous propaganda in the West.
Meanwhile, it seems, all involved suffer from tunnel vision. Can we still assured that the investigators do their work independently and objectively?
Russians wear material that suggests that the crash was caused by either an attack by a fighter jet or by a Ukrainian with Ukrainian BUK-M1 missile fired. Conversely go EU countries and the US assumes that the separatists in eastern Ukraine Boeing, whether accidentally shot down.
In MH17: The Cover-Deal makes Joost Niem√∂ller the mid-term. The most striking facts are put in a row and the main theories - from all camps - evaluated. The author identifies disturbing trends and presents a world where major interests truth stand in the way of a deal more weight than forensic material.
The theories. The facts. The deal.
Extent: 168 pages + 16 pages of illustrations (color)
ISBN: 978 90 490 2417 8
Price: € 14.95
For sale in bookstores or through Bol.com .

The book presentation in Nieuwspoort

Handing book HM17, the Cover-Deal to MPs Van Bommel (SP) and Omtzigt (CDA) in Nieuwspoort, October 28, 2014.
On July 17, collapsed flight MH17 down and the only thing we can increasingly be sure, that has been the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines militarily from the air. There is often spoken of an attack, but strictly speaking, that's not certain. Namely is frequently said that the separatists who were "accidentally" with a rocket plane from the sky shots. For now, we still do not know whether it is at all were the separatists. Now, we do not know, but we think it does. That of course is not just. The separatists shots for a while planes from the air. Ukrainian military aircraft. And sometimes more than five thousand meters. That's a good reason to suspect the separatists. But evidence is not natural. Not even the beginning of it.
The vast majority of Dutch thought at first that it was the separatists, judging from an opinion poll by Maurice de Hond, shortly after the disaster. Most journalists in the Netherlands will now say that it was the separatists, and most politicians in the Netherlands do that. All politicians express themselves a lot more careful. But it is therefore true? With this question I started this book. Or rather, with doubts about the "truth" that hung in the Netherlands. Gradually I found a lot that did not fit into this picture. In part on the Internet. But there were also official sources, such as a press conference of the Russian Defence Ministry and a report by Russian engineers, which the theory is put apart that the Boeing 777 was attacked by a Ukrainian fighter jet, first with a mounted gun, then with a rocket from the jet. The Russians came with satellite photos of Ukrainian Buk-M1 systems and radar images of a possible Ukrainian fighter close near MH17. They gave their data to the Safety Board. Who showed in their interim report that they had received the material. The Research Council used the Russian radar data to determine when the device of the radar disappeared. But otherwise they did nothing. Not only no word on a rocket, as is often noted in the media, but also no word on a fighter jet.
Yesterday Der Spiegel published an extensive interview with Fred Westerbeke, the Dutch chief prosecutor. He gave them what side the examination of the prosecution goes out. He praised the good cooperation with Ukraine. Der Spiegel refers to its own message, and once again what always ask the Dutch media: that the German secret service US satellite photos had shown to German MPs in a secret meeting. But that was not in the original message in Der Spiegel, which started all the fuss was about. It was discussed analysis of satellite photos that were submitted. ARD, which also leaked that secret discussions, even spoke of plausible options. There were just so scenarios presented by the German secret service. A very normal procedure. Nothing about that in the Dutch media. Everyone stays here but passionately believe that US satellite photos to confirm our tunnel vision once. Now that US satellite photos there, that's for sure. There was, at least, the Russians say, at that precise moment because a satellite above the crash site. But what will it be seen?Maybe not as much as there was a dense cloud cover, as we learn from the preliminary report of the Research Council. But faith in the satellite photos sustains the spider.
About US satellite photos said for the first time something concrete in the letter that the government tonight sent to the Chamber: The OM has not, and whether it will ever be possible that the OM get this from the Americans, it is very doubtful ! (PDF)
"It is desirable that the OM additional material obtained from the United States for purposes of the criminal investigation. This takes time, because it is legally complicated within US legislation to transfer information to the criminal law. The prosecution has to gain confidence in a timely manner the relevant material. "
There are said Westerbeke, two options on the table. A rocket and a jet. A rocket is, he says, most likely.
The letter that came last night from the Cabinet, is about the investigation of the prosecutor said something else:
"Further research therefore focuses primarily on the scenarios an attack from the ground or an attack from the air."
The government refers to the interview in Der Spiegel, but takes the "likelihood of the rocket is not over." This is reflected in a different, little crooked and therefore not clearly drafted, clip in this answer:
"As we previously in the state of MH17 letter of 24 July reported to the House, the evidence seems to pile up that the plane was shot down by a missile. We can not say with certainty, therefore we must await the final reports. "
'Evidence', which is quite a heavy word. And that they would pilings, which makes it even more impressive. But what "evidence" the government have in mind? Sounds like a good Kamervraag. But I think we all know the answer to wait for the investigations.
Earlier, the prosecution spoke after a press conference yet with more aplomb on that rocket. Is the focus of the prosecution to running a missile into a fighter jet? There they will be happy with it not in Kiev.
I was also curious about the question of Der Spiegel's remark that a rocket Westerbeke the "most likely" would be. That question should read simply: Why? But that question did not come.Interestingly Westerbeke said the OM Moscow requested the radar data showing would be that a Ukrainian fighter jet flight MH17 approaches. Is it not absurd, the interviewer from Der Spiegel asks that Ukraine together with the Dutch OM performing the research? Westerbeke says: "Of course that's a problem. But we can not do without them. "I think that is the crux. The prosecution has a deal with Kiev. What it means, it is silent about this government. How should that ever objectively examine the possibility that it was a Ukrainian fighter jet? How can this ever be a fair trial?
It's me while working on this book, more and more surprised that this point clearer on the agenda has come to be. Not in the media, and actually not in politics. What do we really mean? We want that quickly found that the separatists have done it? Or do we want the truth? With this construction, it is impossible to ever achieve a convincing right process. Well, anyway it will not be soon, says Westerbeke. 2016 certainly not.
Now we are so caught up in a swamp. The prosecution continues to operate very long time in silence. Occasionally we will obviously learn something through a mid-interview, what I find in itself a remarkable structure. The Research Council will next year with something. But so should not be a perpetrator information. The government will hide until the end of time behind this research. Possible in the silent hope that the Ukrainian army will recapture the crash site. And there is another thing.
The question is what can the parliament, except always ask questions that are not answered again, or with the known open doors. Of course, this Parliament can thus build up a file, and it will probably ever come to a parliamentary inquiry, as political relations are at it.
I found it interesting that VVD MP Ingrid de Caluw√© at the last committee meeting about MH17 suggested or perhaps it was no idea to follow the route along the UN. That is what Malaysia has proposed. And Russia. At least something in that direction. Blue Helmets on the crash site. A UN commission of inquiry. A UN special envoy. Maybe research can be lifted out as these muddy atmosphere of political deals. Maybe not. There are bad experiences with the powerlessness of the UN. The government has in any case announced nothing to feel for the deployment of the UN, the answer came in tonight:
"The government does not consider it appropriate to initiate a discussion about a possible additional UN mission to the disaster area in addition to the already active OSCE SMM. The chance that this can be achieved in the UN Security Council agreement, moreover, is minimal. "
A meaningless answer. And I would like to know who is now on site at the UN. Not the US, I hope?
Not once in which a civilian aircraft by military means from the air is shot, the last sixty years, it has come to a conclusive legal process. So the probability is very small anyway that the truth ever comes up table.
The search path that is now embarked seems like a dead end. There is nothing but false hope given them to the relatives. Of course politics does not have the power to still stop this investigation. But opening the way to a third, international research, still seems the most promising option. The Netherlands has always talking about the UN, sometimes rightly, sometimes not. But can the heads of Dutch politics for once in the same direction?