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#Ukraine may soon Join the "Russian Federation" Entirely | By: Rostislav #ISHCHENKO

Ukraine may soon Join the "Russian Federation" Entirely. 

Rostislav ISHCHENKO 

By the anniversary of the Reunification of the Crimea with Russia: "Crimea: The Way home" 

"The biggest problem may be the massive entry of Galicia in the" United Russia "

"Based on the analysis of the Kremlin, one can assume that Moscow needs all Ukraine. 

New Russia, in the logic of this scenario - A temporary project, to Ensure the Military victory in the Conflict, and not involving in the Process of Russia, to justify Under international Law the elimination of the Kiev Neo-Nazi State. Putin's Strategic Plan Appropriate to its logical conclusion the process of creating a regular army of New Russia and the elimination of ataman, and the gradual alignment of more or less workable management structure of the region updated the question about the future of the NPT and the LC. 

It was at this time Became more active adherents of the Sect "Putinslil." We must hate with every fiber of the soul of Putin, That even Recognized by the alarmists Process of reforming the Army Militia Treated as A Drain of New Russia. Nothing But an irrational hatred of the Russian president, it is impossible to explain logically consistent position of the Russian patriots alarmists who think after Ukrainian Nazis that Putin is to blame for everything, simply because blame. 

Would it be A desire to merge the New Russia, it Would have HAD Long ago. In April-May 2014, even in August, you CAN Safely Say: "Yes, Crimea Rescued, while the remaining Forces Will not suffice." And on the wave of patriotic enthusiasm of the return of the Crimea society would quietly swallowed refusal to support the New Russia. And no retired FSB colonel, whether Eugene of Savoy, Duke of Marlborough, Bonaparte and Prince of Italy, Count Suvorov-Rymniksky rolled into one, with twenty colleagues, failed to stop the army (even such as Ukrainian) without direct Russian aid. 

It is impossible that one government agency to support "the just struggle of New Russia" and the other "merge" it would be at full nonviolent resistance to evil by the president. Legends of the eternal enmity of the Kremlin "towers" are good for fans of conspiracy theories, as well as to fooling the CIA, the political actions of the Kremlin is carefully thought out, otherwise Russia would simply irresistible to American power, more recently greatly exceeds the capabilities of Moscow. Those who are going to merge, the army is not created. This, however, does not mean that there is no problem in Novorossiysk hidden meanings that the fate of the political education so rosy. 

First, the leadership of any country (except Ukraine) operates in accordance with a specific strategic plan (no matter how sneered amateurs on "Putin's cunning plan"). This is even more evident in relation to the Russian leadership. Only an inadequate man can sincerely believe that as long as Americans, sparing no effort, worked on the final liquidation of Russia as a geopolitical reality, Moscow and only occasionally sluggish to react too brazen antics. As a result, the United States, together with the EU and NATO, officially announcing its goal the destruction of Russia and Putin's removal from power, the whole year can not deal with Russia. 

Consequently, the strategic plan provides for the restoration of a multipolar world, Russia was. And there was a long time ago. But tactical decisions under the plan adopted situational, that is logical and correct. It is impossible to cover every next move of the enemy and every position in the strategic plan. Developments always require prompt response. 

This is the ABC of politics and military affairs. 

Secondly, recalling the Russian authorities in the Ukrainian direction (including before the rebellion), we can set about Ukraine's place in the strategic plan, and on this basis - and to predict the fate of the New Russia. Russia needs all Ukraine Back in 2004 it was clear that Moscow is fighting for all of Ukraine. Otherwise Novorossia might already appear during the first (Yushchenko's) coup. In 2004, instead of Kharkov booth, arranged Dobkin in 2014, quite successfully worked Severodonetsk congress of deputies of all levels. Find some "Gorlan, ringleader" and unleash it using the Russian media was not a problem. 

The rest is a matter of technique, especially since then the country has not walked armed gang of neo-Nazis, the authorities in Kiev could not be legitimized without the "third round" of elections and security arguments against the southeast of the capital, and Western Ukraine were not. The situation in 2004 is fundamentally different from that of 2014 only one: the political struggle has not been canceled, and move Yushchenko and his regime was possible by peaceful means through elections. 

What Happened later. Consequently, there WAS no need for A Military Base in the east of resistance Kiev. Yanukovych and the company's desire for political revenge and forced to focus on pro-Russian electorate, only able to return them to power, was enough. During the confrontation with the EU on an association agreement Moscow fought for the whole of Ukraine. Otherwise there would be no sense to provide a rigid economic pressure on the regime of Yanukovych, showing him in August 2013, what will happen after the signing of an association agreement with the EU. 

After the collapse of Ukraine and the inevitable dire economic consequences (Yanukovych Yatsenyuk, he would not let even the West that gives Yatsenyuk) were guaranteed. Especially considering that the city of the South-East, tightly linked with local industry, would be the first to feel dismal results and so hated the Association Agreement. 

Finally, after the February revolution in 2014 Moscow continued and continues to fight for the whole of Ukraine. Crimea were forced to take, not because local Russian "rusee" those in Donetsk and Kharkov. And not because of Crimea has risen. Rose Kharkov, and Crimean leadership that distinguishes servility towards official Kyiv (except for the half-forgotten and controversial presidency Meshkov), was ready to merge Peninsula junta unconditionally. 

But in the Crimea was a Russian fleet, and Bandera went there not to cut Russian activists, and to provoke a fleet on fire. Then the main task - to draw Russia into armed conflict in Ukraine - would be solved. That's why the Crimea and then had to hastily transferred to the status of the Russian territory, and now Kiev junta, try it break through Perekop, would become the aggressor, encroached on Russian soil. 

The US and the EU CAN not accept the annexation of Crimea to Russia de jure de facto But it is - the Russian Land, and this must be Considered All. In General, All Actions of Russia DURING the Last Decade Developing the Ukrainian Crisis Demonstrate That Moscow intends to integrate Ukraine into a Eurasian project is not piecemeal, but as a whole. Before the revolution in 2014 it was about to Ukraine became one of the major components of the Customs Union, and then the EAEC. That is, Russia hoped to establish and strengthen in Kiev friendly political regime, which began to implement a policy of mutually beneficial economic cooperation. 

Direct Political subordination of Kiev Provided WAS not, it is not Provided Political subordination of Minsk or Moscow, Astana. Just Economic and Military power, as well as the Geographical Position of Russia (Whose Territory is the link across Eurasia) make it uniquely locomotive Post -Soviet integration. Yes, and cultural unity of the project is provided by Russia. Kazakhs Armenians do not speak in Ukrainian and in Russian. Russian Rerusifikatsiya World After the coup, Talk About the Restoration of A Ukrainian State Would be too optimistic. 

First, you need to install external control for denazification. Second, you need a foreign military and police control to disarm fighters and Nazi thugs. Third, the economic recovery would take too long and will require huge investments. Invest exorbitant money into someone else's economy, but still without any guarantees that a couple of years in Kiev again failed to establish any neobanderovsky mode, it would be unforgivable magnanimity. So, Ukraine Russia needs all entirely. Otherwise, it may be cleaned from Bandera Novorossia completely, even within the boundaries of the eight regions, would have already been used. 

Ukraine CAN not Join the Eurasian integration projects as an independent State, Because this State is not, and to rebuild it Necessary to Spend too much time, Effort and resources. So, She Remains the only option - to integrate into the Eurasian space as Part of Russia. Of course, now in Ukraine developed Russophobia, 40-50% of the population consider Russia as an enemy. 

But do not forget That it is Mostly Russian people duped Hostile propaganda. Ukrainian - A term with A Territorial binding. From this point of view, Ryazanets - is not Russian. He spoke in the Ryazan, Ryazan wears clothes. He has his own history of Ryazan and Ryazan in this story happened many times at odds with the great reign of Vladimir and Moscow. 

In general, the Russian people, even partially derusifitsirovannyh necessary rerusifitsirovat. No other way out. Empire, throw territories inhabited by indigenous imperial state-forming ethnos, just because of this ethnic group was captured Nazi propaganda, undermining its own database. But if Lukashenka's Belarus, despite its Russian-ness and economic dependence on Russia, is still able to exist as an independent state, and therefore the process of its reintegration into the world of Russian, obviously, will be severely stretched in time (a specific integration mechanisms provides the maximum possible degree of self-sufficiency), Ukraine is its ability of independent national development exhausted. 

On its own from the chaos in which it was plunged their rulers, she did not get out. Moreover, any extant piece of independent Ukraine is hostile to Russian world and will create problems in Russia, the EU and the Russian-European cooperation. Enemy at the threshold can not leave. In fact, Russia has no alternative to the integration of Ukrainian territory and the remaining population of the Russian state itself. 

It is possible that some outlying western territories may fall and be attached to the territories of its European neighbors (to the past not too indignant), but it seems that at this stage of the Russian leadership considers the partition of Ukraine as undesirable. Statements by the Kremlin and Smolensk Square's commitment to the idea of ​​a federal blocs Ukraine (within the old borders, but without the Crimea) are a tribute to the diplomatic conventions, rather than a real plan. 

Who CAN Get to Live in One Country, the population of Donbass and Galicians WHO Started the Civil War Against the Donbass? So That the Country again embroiled in Became A Bloody Civil Conflict, it is Necessary to include Expeditionary Force, DISCONNECTING the warring PARTIES. In fact, to save Ukraine, it is necessary to occupy. I'm not sure that the Kremlin has decided exactly where must pass the western border of Russia after the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, with or without Galicia, but even with her ​​special problems foreseen. 

Firstly, the Galicians easy and fun to obey the law, so that they will still be the most active denatsifikatorami (they love to spend any lustration). Secondly, now Ukraine controls most nationalistic of the possible powers. May be more nationalistic, but it will not be centralized power, and Makhno rabble "republics". Therefore, at the moment of the Galician nationalism rests on a logical contradiction - "patriots" in power are worse than the "criminal regime". 

By the time of the overthrow of the "patriots" average Galician agree that the Ukrainians themselves can not control, so let alone anyone from the right. And because the West was not able to take responsibility for Ukraine, can only Russian. Third, the Galicians comforted by the fact that the ride to work in Tyumen (for gas workers) and construction of Moscow region (for the bulk) will be much easier than it is now. In general, the biggest problem may be the massive entry of Galicia in the "United Russia". 

Temporary project? 

But for integration into Russia across Ukraine some Novorossia need no more than to create A Single Federal BLOCS Ukraine, That is not Needed at All. Why not create Understand what Novorossia, Kharkiv and Donetsk if, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk quietly integrated into the Russian regions? In addition, if you create A kind of Novorossiysk State, then soon there Will Arise own Political Elite That Wants to Get and Give Russia more less; then the idea of the ancient Born Nation of Novorossiysk - is it Necessary something to justify the Existence of the state of Novorossiysk. 

In the end, Russia will get for their money new Ukraine on its borders, but under the name of New Russia. And start all over again ... I think that understanding of time, even for a short project Novorossia explained by the fact that with the exception of structures necessary for the effective conduct of military operations, the other public authorities as to create something here " does not work ". Everything remains within the DNI / LC, that is, in fact, at the regional level. 

A widely publicized once Parliament Novorossia by Oleg Tsarev remained a decorative body, virtually nothing on influencing and meaningless. The same called and criticized by many appointments to senior positions in the republics of people are not very reputable, but manageable. Why create a state structure, if soon they will have to eliminate? Why recruit cadres Novorossia competent ambitious professionals, if the continued existence of New Russia is not provided? Need people WHO Leave meekly at the Appointed hour and begin to fight for the Preservation of Novorossiysk quasi inserting Senior Comrades spoke in the Wheel. What is the role of Russia Today's New? 

Firstly, as has Been Said, it organizes center of resistance to the Junta on the Ukrainian Territory. Secondly, it Forms A Liberation Army Capable of hiking in the Kiev and beyond, as the Junta Will start to crumble, and it Will start. Thirdly, there has to someone to apply for entry into Russia on behalf of the Ukraine. Not on the same areas it take? .. So, the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi produce formally Ukrainian troops. Army New Russia - the same side of the Civil War, as well as the army of Kiev, therefore, we are not talking about the external invasion, and the internal struggle. 

The winner in the civil war is legitimized by the very fact of victory, additional legitimation did not need. The new Ukrainian government has the right to any foreign policy choices. In this case, the decision to restore national unity of Ukraine and Russia will be forced to file as caused by the state of a humanitarian catastrophe, which plunged Ukraine Nazi regime, and the impossibility of their own to cope with its consequences. 

By the way, by the Nazis and their accomplices (to those who are not able to escape outside Ukraine) Ukraine's entry into Russia will also be beneficial. The fact that Russia has a regular proceedings and law extends its protection to all, regardless of ideological preferences. Therefore, supporters of the Nazis, Shed no blood, but only to "fight" in social networks, can feel safe. But the establishment of the rule of winners in the civil war, who write their own laws, and until then will be guided by the "revolutionary expediency" and understandably after the barbaric attacks of Donetsk and Lugansk, after Odessa and Melitopol Katyn execution, after hundreds of anti-fascists tortured vengeance, much not like it. 

So there is reason to believe that the New Russia - the project time calculated for the period of civil war and to ensure a military victory and international legal justification for the elimination of the Kiev neo-Nazi state, without a formal retraction of Russia in the process. I am sure that after the victory of the army Novorossia evidence of atrocities Kiev regime will be more than enough for the world community, including Kiev Nazi henchmen from the US and the EU recognized the new government legal and legitimate. And when the legal and legitimate authority decides that Russian New Russia must return home - in historical Russia, indignant be too late. 

Rostislav Ishchenko 

After Minsk: Peace Will Come to Ukraine?

Poroshenko Shifts Goalposts With Tacit Approval From West  Cunningham

© AP Photo/ Markiv Mykhailo, Pool
(updated 17:08 18.03.2015)
Ekaterina Blinova
After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine? (357)
Ukraine's regime of Petro Poroshenko is shifting the goalposts on any given political matter, brazenly violating the Minsk deal, while the West is turning a blind eye to Kiev's actions, a UK expert notes.
The Ukrainian regime of Petro Poroshenko backed by the West has become a sort of "star team" in shifting the goalposts on any given political matter, especially on the Minsk ceasefire deal, noted a UK expert.
"Poroshenko and his reactionary Kiev regime – which seized power in February last year in a Western-backed violent coup against a constitutionally elected government – have shown themselves to be shameless purveyors of the most outlandish claims over the Ukraine crisis," noted Finian Cunningham, an author and prominent expert in international affairs.
This week Petro Poroshenko, greeted in Berlin with open arms by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck, called upon his Western allies to boycott the 2018 World Cup Finals in Russia and claimed again – without the slightest evidence – that Russia was "waging war against Ukraine."
However, these ludicrous and reckless assertions "are gladly broadcast by the US-led NATO military alliance, Western governments and Western news media," noted the author. Even though Berlin has recently adopted a more cautious approach to Ukrainian propaganda and they continue indulging Kiev's dangerous warmongering.
So far, enjoying this whole-hearted support of the West, the Kiev regime is moving goalposts on any given political matter with total impunity.
For instance, while declaring that "there was no alternative to the Minsk ceasefire," Poroshenko's regime is violating the deal at every turn, the expert underscored.
Sporadic fire of Ukrainian military forces on militia's positions in eastern Ukraine has never ceased since February 15. At least 20 percent of Kiev's heavy artillery still remains in the conflict zone. Moreover, Kiev's remaining forces have been conducting live-fire drills near the Contact Line, psychologically terrorizing peaceful civilians.
The ongoing economic blockade of the southeastern regions by the Kiev regime is adding fuel to the fire: Ukrainian authorities are cutting off pensions, gas supplies, communication networks and restricted movements of civilians in the East.
"It should be noted that these violations are not just breaches of the Minsk accord; they constitute ongoing war crimes committed by the Kiev regime against the civilian Donbas population," underscored Finian Cunningham.
What makes matters even worse, instead of granting autonomy to Donetsk and Luhansk republics, in accordance with the Minsk agreement, Kiev decided to declare areas under the control of the southeastern republics "temporarily occupied."
Surprisingly, turning a blind eye to Kiev's blatant violation of the Minsk deal, the West and German Chancellor Angela Merkel particularly, are pointing their accusing finger at independence supporters and the Russian Federation, the expert noted.
"Shifting goalposts to 2018 is certainly not a feasible solution to find an urgent peace settlement to a conflict that threatens to engulf, not only Ukraine, but the wider Eurasian continent," warned Finian Cunningham, adding that Merkel and other Western leaders should concentrate on the side, which is brazenly undermining the political process in Ukraine – the Kiev regime.
"Unfortunately, the prognosis is that if Merkel cannot see the glaring truth of the situation by now and how the Kiev regime is an incendiary time-bomb for EU-Russia relations, then there is not much hope of the chancellor ever coming to a realistic political position on Ukraine," the expert concluded.

Read more:

Seven of the best films about the Slavs + a cartoon !!!

Slavic Squad
Seven of the best films about the Slavs + a cartoon !!! 

Pick up from the news and have a look !!! 

1. Vasily Buslaev 1982.
2. Primary Russia, 1985. 
3. Legend of Princess Olga 1983. 
4. Fire and Sword, 1999. 
5. And on stones trees grow 1985. 
6. When the sun was a god of 2003. 
7. Yaroslav. A thousand years ago, 2010. 

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#US "forgot" about #MH17, ignores the truth, and just stopped talking about the tragedy.

Anti-Maidan Odessa Novorossia

#US "forgot" about #MH17, ignores the truth, and just stopped talking about the tragedy.

Consortiumnews: US "forgot" about the MH17, not to reveal uncomfortable truths. US have information about the real culprit crash MH17, but did not disclose it, because the truth is they are not at hand, says journalist Robert Parry Consortiumnews. He is convinced that US intelligence was able to identify criminals, and it is not Russian or pro-Russian militia. Therefore, Washington ignores the truth and adheres to the conclusions reached in just five days after the tragedy and on the basis of eyewitness accounts in social networks. 

Since the crash of Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine has been more than 8 months and investigations in different countries have given different and conflicting results. Despite this the US continues to stick to its initial findings, made ​​just five days after the tragedy, says the American journalist Robert Parry on portal Consortiumnews. According to the press secretary of the Director of National Intelligence, US intelligence official conclusion about the incident remained unchanged from the initial report of 22 July 2014. 

This document was published on the basis of statements of eyewitnesses in social networks, notes Consortiumnews.The report does not say that Russia is responsible for the downed aircraft, but argues that the country is supplying militias in eastern Ukraine, and teaches him. It also does not provide conclusive evidence that Russia supplied the militia system "Buk", from which allegedly was shot down the plane. The document underlines that the militia fighters have repeatedly shot down planes during the conflict and have anti-air weapons. 

Press Secretary Kathleen Butler Parry informed that he could not go into details, but the consensus of the US intelligence community support the conclusion of this report. As suggested by the journalist, US the government used the tragedy of the plane crash in Ukraine as a catalyst for anti-Russian propaganda. US accused of occurred President Putin personally. 

When "the effect of propaganda" came to nothing, the Obama administration has just stopped talking about the tragedy. The US has had enough time to analyze the data from satellites and other sources of electronic surveillance, including telephone. But their initial hasty withdrawal of US authorities have not reviewed. This only confirms the suspicion that the US government has information that is clearly contrary to their public statements, but officials do not want to put yourself in an awkward position, said Perry. 

After all, if we were talking about information confirming the guilt of Russia, it is difficult to imagine that the US will not be made ​​public it continues journalist. Perry Sources in the intelligence community confirm that analyzed the large amount of information, and a number of analysts have come to believe that the plane was shot down radical elements of the Ukrainian army, and not separatists. The first question is the fact that US intelligence could not confirm that Russia is supplied to Ukraine "Beech", which, because of its size, it would be hard not to notice. 

Then Perry sources also reported that experts have lowered class of weapons, who was allegedly shot down the plane with "Buka" to the complex "Cube", not excluding the possibility of defeat, and also with a fighter aircraft. Russia, for its part, presented for all to see a number of materials, indicating the Ukrainian fighter in the vicinity of the downed and MH17 increased activity Ukrainian systems "Buk" in the east of the country in mid-July last year. 

The German intelligence, as reported by the magazine Der Spiegel, also concluded that the rocket launcher had to do with Russia, and was captured on the Ukrainian military base. Germany has denied Russian accusations towards Kiev, but also has not released any evidence. In spite of all this, and despite the overhanging threat of a nuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States, US intelligence agencies with the most expensive and advanced system intelligence in the world, did not provide details. 

#Crimea marks the #Anniversary of #Reunification with #Russia

#Crimea marks the #Anniversary of #Reunification with #Russia

Crimea marks the anniversary of reunification with Russia in the Crimea have begun to celebrate the first anniversary of reunification with Russia. Exactly one year ago, a referendum was held in the Crimea, which resulted in the peninsula became part of Russia. 

From 16 to 18 March in all Crimean cities held celebrations to mark the anniversary of reunification. Festive events proyzhut in other regions of Russia. March 18 in Moscow on Vasilevsky descent will be a concert of Russian pop stars, entitled "We are together!", Which was addressed metropolitan stars and members of the project "The Voice."

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Thursday, March 12, 2015 antifa

Ukrainian patriots, with obvious advantage is clothed in camouflage, especially with a makeweight in the form of fire-arms turns into hell any area to which steps volunteer their shoes.

Military prosecutors Kharkiv garrison Central region of Ukraine sent to the court charges against five soldiers of a battalion of territorial defense, who committed on the territory of the region daring and violent crimes against the civilian population. This was announced by the chief prosecutor of military prosecutor's office, Captain Justice Alexander Govoruschak, local media reported. Title Battalion careful not reported. It should be noted that this case and followed it exemplary punishment "Heroes ATO" and Ukrainian patriots ", became public only because the number of victims was a citizen of Germany, who has never had a reason to indulge Ukrainian bandits who call themselves patriots now. 

"In September 2014 the Battalion teroborony returned from vacation to a military unit in the area ATO. They followed through the Kharkiv region by car, drink alcoholic beverages, "- said Govoruschak. "It has been established that they forcibly took away a car from a German citizen, took possession of his belongings, money and documents. One of the soldiers made ​​two complete episodes of attempted premeditated murder of four people and young girls 7 years in Kharkov, and two others - in Kharkiv region. 

During the arrest fighter found dangerous drugs, "- said the prosecutor. According to him, the evidence collected to provide defendants real sentences. "These terms are different: from 7 to 10 years in prison, as well as for serious crimes - from 10 to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment, "- said the prosecutor. Govoruschak solemnly assured the military prosecutor's office and continue to take measures to prevent and counter the offenses committed by the military. 

 It is known that international human rights organizations have repeatedly stated about the many war crimes committed by militants volunteer battalions, including including abductions, torture and executions of hostages as well as civilians.


Ombudsman found that in the Odessa prison Kiev's forces are beating people..

Item (Information Agency)

The representative of the Ombudsman found that in the Odessa prison Kiev's forces are beating people..

Regional Coordinator of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Andrei Tolopilo discovered facts mockery of prisoners in the detention center of Odessa. This is stated in the report, the prevalence of the press service of the Ombudsman. 

"Citizen S. was sitting in a puddle water on the concrete floor of the chamber cooler №408 on wet litter and groaned loudly in pain. He said that he was severely beaten by prison staff and feet with rubber truncheons. When you try to stand up citizen S. lose coordination and fall. According to the detainee, he arranged for a brawl with the inspector of internal service and jail was "punished" for that other workers insulator ", - the report says. 

Andrew Tolopilo made ​​to the prisoner received medical treatment: at his insistence, the camera went to the nurse and the head of the medical unit who examined the prisoner. In addition, Tolopilo noted signs of beatings on the body of another "guest" jail: prisoner chamber cooler №409 showcased the bruises and other marks of beatings, in addition, a representative of the Ombudsman suggested that men can be broken ribs. 

After the visit Ombudsman both prisoners were taken to the medical unit, with citizen S. subsequently had to be transferred to the city hospital №11. In jail already arrived investigation team Prosecutor's Office, which will conduct checks on the fact of violations identified by the representative of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human

Aksenov invited Nuland stroll through the streets of the Crimea


Aksenov invited Nuland stroll through the streets of the Crimea 
Crimea Head Sergey Aksenov advises the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to visit the country to be able to see for myself the situation and continue to do for the Crimean allegation category US Deputy Secretary of State said earlier that the Crimea "suffering in the realm of terror "where respect for human rights is the norm, not the exception. would come out on the street, walk to the center, look, people live, she would have asked questions - said Aksenov. However, he stressed that, before condemning the Crimean authorities you need to take into account aspects of external action, under which the republic develops. Aksenov said that henceforth not wish to comment on the various statements of Western politicians to discredit the Crimea. I do not comment on dreams - said the head of the republic. He also noted that the Crimeans as well can speak of a "reign of terror" in the United States, but do not.

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Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama: Crimean referendum in accordance with Constitution of Ukraine

Alliance Russia
Today at 1:29 pm
Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama: Crimean referendum in accordance with Constitution of Ukraine

Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama found the Crimean referendum democratic referendum on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia March 16, 2014 passed peacefully, in accordance with democratic norms and reflect the will of the population, said the former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. 

"(During the trip), I learned that the referendum held in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, took place peacefully, democratically and reflected the will of the people in the Crimea ", - said Yukio Hatoyama, who visited Crimea in spite of the recommendations of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at a press conference in Simferopol on Wednesday. 

He said that he arrived in Crimea acquainted with the situation in the region, as the majority of the media in Japan and other Western countries, according to the former prime minister, distort information about events in the region. He said that the people of the Crimea have decided to join the peninsula in the Russian Federation is clearly not under the pressure of military force. 

Ex-Prime Minister visited the region, despite the recommendations of the Government of Japan to abandon the trip. "I had the opportunity to see that Crimeans live quite a happy and peaceful life, and the decision to join the Russian clearly was not taken under the pressure of military force, and reflected the aspirations , the mindset of people in the Crimea ", - said Hatoyama.

Russian tank won the hearts. New T-90cm. JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation"

Novorossia Policy Life in uniform
Today at 12:24 pm

Russian tank won the hearts. New T-90cm. JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" 

Uralvagonzavod "has presented a modified sample of primary T-90cm - the latest version of the family cars T-72 / T-90. The new Russian tank T-90 cm was the star of military-technical interior IDEX- 2015, whose work is completed in Abu Dhabi, and won the hearts of even the harshest military. The machine name is misleading. 

T-90S long been on the Russian Army and exported abroad. However, T-90cm - not just a modernized version of it. For a very many ways it is a brand new tank. What distinguishes T-90cm, shown at the Salon IDEX? The machine weighs more than 40 tons of easily reach speeds of 70 km / h. At the same time has the highest maneuverability. Caterpillars - lightweight with high resource. They obrezinena, that is, allow heavy car moving on the pavement without damaging the road surface. 

In the tank very carefully armor protection, including all upper projections. In his forehead T-90cm take very problematic. In addition to the multi-layered and thick enough armor also set dynamic protection of new generation. It not only prevents cumulative jet, but also breaks the cores piercing armor-piercing shells.Well protected chassis. There also are elements of dynamic protection. The combat management system - one of the most modern in the world. 

All computer systems are built on domestic element base. Ammunition is increased due to additional shells placed in an armored box behind the tower. The tank is 12.7 mm machine gun. For use in hot climates with a powerful air conditioning. Incidentally, they have proved to be excellent during the recent test runs T-90cm in one of the Arab countries. During their conduct revealed that T-90cm on a number of important indicators is superior to American "Abrams". 

Our tank more maneuverable that the battle can be crucial.Patriotic military information system practically in no way inferior to the one that stands on the Americans, or accuracy we have very high. And when fired guided missile it is almost one hundred percent. The projection of the Ural tank is less than the "Abrams". Its mass is more than 10 tons less than American cars. All this combined outputs T-90cm in some of the best combat vehicles beginning of the XXI century. Without a doubt, the T-90cm - the pride of the domestic tank building.

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Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS)


Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS) 

Today, according to Minsk agreements, the last day of withdrawal of heavy equipment and Donetsk and Lugansk and Kiev pledged to complete demilitarization 7 marta.Kak stated in the LC, immediately after the completion of this stage of Donbass looks forward to the contact group meeting in Minsk, and in the foreground should leave already humanitarian issues. 

Occupiers, meanwhile, announced that beginning the fourth phase removal arms: this installation "Hurricane" .Storony conflict is ready to withdraw peaceful settlement to the next level. And Donetsk and Lugansk and Kiev pledged to complete demilitarization of the 7th of March. As stated in the LC, immediately after the completion of this stage of Donbass counts on the contact group meeting in Minsk, and in the foreground have already come out humanitarian issues.

Security officials, meanwhile, announced that they are starting the fourth phase of removal arms: this installation "Hurricane." "Castle" were evacuated on March 5. However, where it is - it is not known: the OSCE mission, which is responsible for monitoring, was not allowed to accompany the convoys. 

The idea is that this Sunday, March 8, experts organizations should make a report about who and how to perform the item Minsk Agreement. And in the militia waiting for this document to be compared with the data of their intelligence, which so far does not inspire optimism. "The Ukrainian side stated that on March 7 they will do an inspection on the challenge of heavy weapons, and a technique which for some reason was not assigned to break or on the march somewhere it got stuck, they are all cleaned up and make a beautiful mine and say, "Everything OK, all right, we all met, please come and check." 

But intelligence suggests drugom.Poetomu I would like to hear what happens 8 numbers. Should be made ​​an official statement of the OSCE: withdrawn all artillery systems, those indicated by the Minsk Agreement, or not. Then and then only will everything be clear, "- said the deputy corps commander of the Defense Ministry DNR Edward Basurin.

Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS) | Russian Spring
Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS) | Russian Spring
Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS) | Russian Spring
Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS) | Russian Spring
Today - the deadline for the demilitarization of the Donbas (VIDEO / PHOTOS) | Russian Spring

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