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How to Use the #YouTube Closed Caption Option to #translate to any language (Watch & Share)

I many times post videos in Russian or Ukrainian. Here is how you can have an option to read in your language;

Ukraine has become a country of psychopathy journalist Elena Boyko

Ukraine has become a country of psychopathy journalist Elena Boyko, escaped from the city, the degradation of the Ukrainian society, "That sheep hopak a rake."Elections in Ukraine as the definition of the winner of the contest scum.

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Poroshenko - an incredibly weak leader who will end as he started, tragically - American historian

Poroshenko - an incredibly weak leader who will end as he started, tragically - American historian

Poroshenko - incredibly weak leader who ended tragically - American historian | Russian Spring
For Merkel and  Hollande violation of the armistice Kiev - a fact that leads them to despair because they see that their child -Minsk agreement - "is lowered into the pipe,"and that the prospects for the resumption of war in the Ukraine is very high.          
German Chancellor and  French President decided to use the meeting in  Berlin to reprimand Poroshenko. In the  presence of Vladimir Putin, they  would not be  able to do it - it was like to"undiplomatic". So says renowned American historian and political scientist Stephen Cohen.    
In addition, Cohen said that Poroshenko - incredibly weak leader in nature and he ended tragically.On this professor said at the transfer of John Batchelor.       
Relevant comments came from  the mouth of Cohen in  mind the recent trilateral meeting in  Berlin, in the  framework of which the Ukrainian President discussed with  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and  French President Francois Hollande to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.
Posters Comment: While Mr. Cohen views Poroshenko as someone of any real importance in this saga, he should remember, and duly note, that he was not a party to the original agreements reached in Kiev and signed by both Germany and France before the bloody coup was instituted on the Maidan. To this day Ukraine has been the victim of a US state dept. regime change that broke both international and Ukrainian Constitutional laws. The right-wing Nazi thugs who overrule his authority do so through the aid of the US Embassy which is acting as the shadow government  with an agenda to overthrow Russia eventually. The legitimate President of Ukraine is still Victor Yanukovych. Whatever Merkel and Hollande have to add in the matter of support or advice to Poroshenko is their own concession and complete surrender to an illegal organization by means of the breaking of the original contract signed by the legitimate leaders at the settlement talks prior to Maidan. The only way for Ukraine to ever return to a legitimate ruling order, is to eliminate the United States in an all out war. The United States Government has been totally infiltrated by an evil cartel who wish to create this conflict anyway they can. Nothing from within the US can make that change now. It must come from a foreign "United Force for Law and Order" If you do the research, you will learn that this has been  going on for a long time coming. The IMF and WorldBank are a big part of the problems we face as a species. Their existence depends on constant war to control growth. The Earth is a finite planet that is slowly being drained and exploited at the same time. We need to address the few elite individuals who care nothing for mankind and instead use us as instruments of exchange. We out number them 1 to a million. 
From  the point of view of Cohen, the fact that  this meeting is not  invited Vladimir Putin argues that Merkel and  Hollande wanted "to make Poroshenko reprimand".
When the Russian president, they  would not do it  could - it would be "undiplomatic", the expert believes.   
American professor is convinced that Kiev  largely to blame for the  violation of the Minsk agreements- in particular, the authorities did not comply with two of their points. The first relates to the lack of direct talks with the leaders of the militia, the second - a violation of the ceasefire in the conflict zone in the Donbass. Cohen admits that the agreement on cease-fire break both sides, but Kiev - more often.              
Historians believe that Poroshenko himself wanted  to observe the Minsk Agreement, because it is the only possible way. He is  not  a man of war, we  had no skills required military commander, he is -a businessman explains his position analyst. However, representatives of right-wing forces in the Ukraine, threatening overthrow him, not allow him to go to any concessions.     
According  to Cohen, for Merkel and  Hollande violation of the armistice Kiev - a fact that leads themto despair, because the leaders of European countries are seeing their offspring - Minsk agreement -"is lowered into the pipe," and that the prospects for the resumption of war in the Ukraine is very high.          
Cohen also recalled the  statement by Merkel  after talks in  Berlin. Federal Chancellor assured that Vladimir Putin will report on  them "in  person and on the  phone". Merkel also not excluded in the future, the meeting in the "Norman format". From the point of view of the professor, the possibility of the meeting depends on the order failed to whether German Chancellor and the French President as it should put pressure on Poroshenko.         

"Belgium pragmatism": we will support US-initiated sanctions, even at an expense of our people

"Belgium pragmatism": we will support US-initiated sanctions, even at an expense of our people

The New Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel assured the Petro Poroshenko that Belgium will support sanctions against Russia, despite its harm of it's own citizens. 
"Belgium will consistently support the policy of sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that they harm our country. However, we have more important problems than our economy, "- said Michel.
Also, the Prime Minister said that his country will also closely monitor the civil war and will insist on the full implementation of the agreements Minsk2. "The release of the hostages, removal of weapons, the safe presence of the OSCE as this is the only way to solve this conflict," - said the Prime Minister.
Poroshenko reluctantly thanked Belgium for a clear position of the actions in Ukraine. The disputed head of state said that he agreed with the  Prime Minister to continue the investigation of the causes of the crash of the aircraft at the International MH17 investigation team, which include suspect nations, Ukraine and Belgium.

The President invited the Prime Minister Michel to visit Ukraine on an official visit at a convenient time. The invitation was accepted with apprehension.
Charles Michel said that the European Union, not Belgium should assist on the need to support a shaky Ukraine.
"We are now on the rise in our political, diplomatic and economic problems, and no closer together, in terms of morals or values," -  after the talks said Charles Michel.
Recall Poroshenko was in Brussels today to hold talks with the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker about more money he needs to challenge the Russian invasion NATO is reporting happening.

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Congratulations, Western Empire! “You Passed", and are certified intellectual straightjackets

The West Spreads Intellectual Idiocy

Congratulations, Western Empire! “You Passed", and are certified intellectual straightjackets

Could any dictator desired more? Almost the entire population of the Empire is now thinking the same way! Fascist.
The populace is “educated” at schools and the universities staffed with submissive, and cowardly teachers and professors.
The populace is “informed” by hundreds of thousands of servile journalists and “analysts”. There is almost no deviation from the official narrative.
Congratulations, Western Empire! You have succeeded where others tried but failed. You have achieved almost absolute obedience and discipline, a total servility.
And more than that most of the people actually think that they are free, that they are in control. They believe that they can choose, that they can decide. They are confident that theirs is the greatest civilization ever built on Earth!
Tens of millions are lining up, voluntarily, asking to get “educated”, and eventually to get one of those official Imperial degrees. They want to be accepted, certified and praised by the rulers.
People are offering their own bowed heads to a complex and protracted act of lobotomy. In exchange for stamped pieces of papers called diplomas, men and women lose, forever, their ability to think independently, to analyze and to see the world with their own individual set of eyes. As a reward for their submissiveness, their chances to get prestigious positions in the regime’s elite corporate, academic, and other battalions, dramatically increase.
The extreme degree of compliance of the majority of men and women living in our societies makes old books like “Fahrenheit 451” and “1984” only moderately disturbing. Our reality of “2015” is much more psychedelic, bizarre and appalling… as well as shameful!
Most of the citizens are now even willing to pay for those “educational” and propaganda brain surgeries from their own (or from their family’s) pocket; they are keen to get into deep debts in order to get thoroughly programmed and indoctrinated. Several years later, when it’s all over and nothing is left of their individuality, their chests swell with pride, and they frequently cry when they receive that stamped piece of paper, which in fact means only one thing: “Passed, accepted and certified – ready to serve and to be used by the Empire and its fascist regime”.
Millions of foreigners are lining up for this lobotomy too. Those coming from the colonized and destroyed countries are often the most eager. Children of the elites are excited to receive the stamp of approval from the Empire, to be molded, to blend with the masses in Europe or North America. After “graduating” and after returning “home”, they hang their diplomas on the walls, add titles all over their name cards, increase their fees, and demand respect for their Western ways and their intellectual collaboration with the Empire. Then many of them get busy robbing and further indoctrinating their fellow-citizens on behalf of the West.
In many countries there is no reason to even leave home. Western brainwashing is readily available through countless private Christian and “international” schools, through churches, “cultural institutions”, and of course, through the “entertainment”.
Even such countries like China that can count on much greater and older cultures than that of the West, are now being dreadfully influenced by its own sons and daughters who have been programmed to believe in the greatness of the Western civilization. They were either indoctrinated at the Western “educational” facilities abroad, or by the armies of Western “educators”, “scholars” and preachers who are increasingly busy travelling and spreading their toxic gospel all over the World.
Instead of being given multifaceted and multicultural knowledge, pupils and students have been receiving precisely calculated indoctrination doses, well tested during the centuries of imperialism and colonialism. By now, the Empire knows extremely well how to manipulate human minds. Those who are raped are forced into believing that they are being made love to. Those indiscriminately robbed are taught to praise the colonial powers for building their administrative buildings and railroads and people “at home” are instructed to feel no shame for their past and present.
Instead of being encouraged to think independently, instead of being asked to revolutionize their thinking itself, the people are being tied, restrained by austere intellectual straightjackets.
Courage and independent-mindedness are systematically vilified and belittled. Rebellious souls are marked as “unemployable”, almost as antisocial.
Cowardice, submissiveness and mediocrity are promoted and marketed by the extremely complex and multi-faceted system of propaganda, advertising, “cultural and entertainment events” and media.
In a fully uniform world where even “culture” and media are serving the Empire and its neoliberal business interests, the New Men and the New Women are being shaped from intellectual clay, then put on massive pedestals: all of them tall and slim, all articulately and loudly regurgitating clich├ęs, carefully avoiding real issues, intensively communicating with each other about nothing, while remaining shockingly ignorant about the world.
The New Humans – they are all smiling, all very cool looking. They drive the latest cars and hold modern gadgets in their hands. They are self-confident and endlessly selfish. Their buttocks are increasingly and stereotypically “perfect”.
Many of them are on sedatives, on anti-depressants or on drugs, most of them are miserable, unsure of themselves, unhappy with their jobs, miserable with their families, unable to find or keep their second halves. All this, of course, does not show! On the surface, countless Western men and women look ravishing!
The Italian and German fascists tried, desperately to create this sort of confident looking but obedient breed of super-humans.
They failed.
But this Empire is succeeding! For the first time in human history there is a chance that the Robots will actually replace human beings. Not Robots manufactured from plastic and metals, but humans re-conditioned, recycled into Robots.
Italian Fascism, German Nazism, the corporatism of the United States, imperialism, racism, colonialism, exceptionalism, propaganda, advertising, “education” – they have all been expertly intertwined.
Congratulations, Empire! You are the first one who managed to standardize human beings and their thinking!
It is not easy to fight such an Empire, intellectually.
It is not just logic or philosophy that have to be confronted, to be challenged.
There are also thousands of perceptions, dogmas, codes, all of them serving the same purpose – to keep people away from reality, and from independent thinking and analyses.
Most citizens of the Western Empire are actually much more indoctrinated than the members of such groups as the Taliban or ISIL because the Empire works very hard and employs millions of professionals who create extremely effective concepts designed to control human minds: from ideologues to psychologists, propagandists, educators, artists, journalists and other highly specialized beings.
From social media to soap operas, Hollywood films, pop music and television networks, almost everything leads to the same direction – dragging people away from the basic principles of humanism. Forcing them not to think as a group of rational, caring, compassionate beings.
Reality is either trivialized, or brought to some phantasmagorical levels from where no logic can be effectively applied.
The most important course of human thought – the thinking of, the dreaming of and the designing of new, and much better and more gentle forms of human society – is totally missing from the narrative with which the men, women and children of the Empire and its colonies, are confronted on a daily basis.
The citizens of the Empire are being prevented from thinking and acting in a natural way. As a result, they are frustrated, depressed, and confused. But instead of rebelling (most of them are not capable of it, anymore), they become increasingly aggressive. While the victims of the Empire, all over the world, are being murdered, exploited and humiliated, the arrangement of the world brings actually very little joy (although many material benefits) to the citizens of the Empire – the Europeans and North Americans.
At the other “extreme”: billions of people in former colonies and in neo-colonies are also bombarded, constantly, by the same twisted, recycled and modified messages. They face a perpetual avalanche of propaganda (slightly modified for each particular region), streaming day and night from the Empire’s indoctrination outlets: be the soap operas, the lowest grade of movies and video games (the same thing, really), pop music with repetitive brain-dead lyrics, toothless decorative “art”, or the “news” broadcasts and reports carried by the mainstream press agencies. These messages are disseminated via local mass media outlets that are in turn mainly controlled by the business interests, which are determinedly collaborative with the global, Western regime.
The Empire and its arrangement of the world are outrageously racist and brutal, but most of its citizens, even its subjects in looted lands, are forced to believe that it is actually the most “tolerant” and “progressive” system on Earth.
Is there any hope that humanity will survive this mass-produced idiocy?
Yes, of course there is!
The fight is on.
It is not only Russian, Chinese and Iranian NAVY maneuvers that are now challenging Western imperialism.
It is not only the Latin Americans and South Africans who have made determined efforts to rewrite history and to arm people with knowledge, instead of diplomas.
Perhaps the greatest living European filmmaker, Emir Kusturica, recently wrote, sarcastically, that: “World War III will start with Pentagon bombing of RT”, referring to the powerful television network “Russia Today”. RT commented:
“RT is a real threat to US state propaganda as it reaches Americans “in their own homes, in perfect English, better than they use on CNN.”And that is why, according to the director, Washington could get fed up and seek to silence RT by force – much like NATO did to Serbian state TV in April 1999.
In turn, Kusturica predicts, Moscow would destroy CNN, which he considers the flag-bearer of pro-American propaganda: “CNN in direct transmissions assures that since the 1990s America has been leading humanitarian actions, and not wars, and that its military planes rain angels, not bombs!”
Although some of the greatest thinkers confronting the Empire – Saramago, Galeano and Pinter – have recently passed away, there are still many of those who are managing to escape indoctrination. Some are regrouping around new non-Western television networks like TeleSUR, RT and PressTV.
It is like Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, all over again. Some people, stubbornly, refuse to burn their books.
Even in the West, some powerful media outlets – CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, ICH, VNN, Global Research, and others – are holding the line. They are not yet winning, far from it, but they are not dying, either!
As long as the independent thought is alive, not everything is lost.
“I rebel; therefore we exist”, wrote French philosopher Albert Camus. He also added: “The feeling of rebellion is born in oppression”.
The Empire denies that it oppresses the world. It indoctrinates both oppressors and the oppressed, re-defining, in fact “re-branding” oppression as freedom.
Those of us, who are managing to escape its indoctrination, are now rebelling. Therefore – humanity still exists.
The battlefield is becoming very well defined: it is now mainly about information, and about knowledge.
The deeds, the tricks, performed by the Empire are dirty, horrendous, but very transparent. They can be accepted or tolerated by billions only because of the constant repetition of the lies, and because of the twisted concepts hammered into the people’s brains through the “mainstream education”.
The war for survival of humanity is already being fought. It is “The Great Humanistic War” – the war over people’s brains and hearts, not over the territory. It can be also called the “information war”, a “detox” war, or a war to bring human beings back to life from their intellectual intoxication, from their slumber and servility, a war for much better world, a war that would put knowledge above diplomas and stamps, human warmth and kindness above violence and aggression, and human beings above profits and money.
The victory can only arrive accompanied with knowledge, with independent thought, with rational humanism, with compassion and solidarity, and human warmth.

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. His latest books are: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire” and Fighting Against Western Imperialism.Discussion with Noam Chomsky: On Western TerrorismPoint of No Return is his critically acclaimed political novel. Oceania – a book on Western imperialism in the South Pacific. His provocative book about Indonesia: “Indonesia – The Archipelago of Fear”. Andre is making films for teleSUR and Press TV. After living for many years in Latin America and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides and works in East Asia and the Middle East. He can be reached through his website or his Twitter.

APU like cornered Rats threatened to throw trouble at Kiev

APU like cornered Rats threatened to throw trouble at Kiev 
Rats APU cornered threatened to throw to Kiev
Today, 20:33 
Events in the world of Ukrainian military appealed to Kiev almost with a scream of despair. 

The video, which appeared on the Internet, one of the soldiers said that senior management and the management of battalions, regiments and brigades, instead of supporting the army actually engaged in making money looting. 

Commented Igor Ignatyev Kiev received punitive what they deserve. Among the soldiers looting spreads throughout the APU and abuse of the civilian population and prisoners were told that the Ukrainian soldiers went to the ATO to obtain personal plantation and two slaves from among the captured residents of Donbass, no matter what civil or military supplies. 

So what are these murderers offended when they keep for themselves disenfranchised slaves. Robbed and mistreated their own commanders? Let feel on their skin, what others wish, innocent people who just something and want to live under a peaceful sky. A new boilers that may arise from the mediocre commanders APU Ukrainian soldiers knowingly afraid they will. Ignominious death, like a cornered rabid animal - a curse that comes on the heels of those who took up arms against their brothers on the orders of the bandits had seized power by force. 

How in hell where sinners are boiled in cauldrons, and here. And even if someone from this pack of war criminals APU will be able to return home alive, something about the quiet life he can not even dream of. Notorious Avenging pursues these heels, with even outside of Ukraine. Rant about the march on Kiev - is an empty phrase, suffered and will suffer, because the hosts to fight - not civilians from mortar shelling, and you can get a bullet in the forehead by watchdogs protecting the regime in Kiev. So no complaints, but his sentence was signed by the military APU, when they came to the recruiting station and put on Ukrainian form. Now, shame and death to them is guaranteed, someone faster, someone slower. And Igor, especially for


Why is the UNSC unable to resolve crises like that in Syria, or Ukraine recently.

Is the United Nations a failed organization if conflicts such as those in Syria and parts of Africa etc continue to rage unabated?

The UN Security Council seems to be unable to resolve crises like that in Syria currently. The model appears to be clearly ineffective. What should/could be the remedy?

5 Answers

John Burgess
John BurgessFormer 25-year career US diplomat
By design, the UN was not created for war-making purposes. Rather, it was intended (as was the League of Nations before it) to prevent wars through diplomatic negotiation. While there is a brief history of UN sanctioned wars (Korea, 1990-91 Gulf War), peacekeeping missions that interpose neutral troops between combatants is more common.

But the peacekeeping depends on the politics and the politics, ultimately, depend on the Security Council. This, too, is by design.

An international peace force is an idea, but not one whose time has come. There are too many concerns about both national sovereignty and fears of groups of nations ganging up against a single state to permit that to happen.

Ernest W. Adams
Ernest W. AdamsGame Design Consultant, Author, and Professor
The question assumes a misinterpretation of the UN's role. It is not a "failed organization" by any manner of means. It is the most successful organization of its kind in the history of the world.

The United Nations does not exist solely for the purpose of preventing wars; it does many, many, many other things as well -- promoting international cooperation on all sorts of fronts, and assisting with other problems. You might have heard of the UN High Commission on Refugees?

Also, the UN was designed to be a place where countries could talk out inter-national conflicts and resolve them peacefully. Most of the world's conflicts, including those you allude to, are now intra-national, i.e. civil wars. A rebellious population within a country has no standing as a nation and so no seat in the UN, and the UN can't interfere with internal problems except at the request of the nation involved. The UN can send peacekeeping troops to a region if the host government asks for them, but they can't fight for one side; their function is to keep the two sides apart.

There is in fact a peacekeeping mission in Syria right now, but its activities are limited to those that the Syrian government is prepared to let them take. They are there at its invitation. It is supervising the cease-fire and disengagement in the Golan Heights, not the civil war.

Also, for political reasons, the UN's peacekeeping troops are never given real teeth. You don't see UN tanks or bombers. Nobody wants to support this idea for fear that it will be used on them.

Joseph Wang
Joseph WangChief Scientist, Bitquant Research
One quote that I found apt is that the purpose of the United Nations is not to bring us to heaven, but to save us from hell.

Quora User
Quora User22+ years as a Foreign Service Officer.
Two seconds of searching would have found the last three times this question was asked and the lengthy answers already pointing out the flaws in this line of reasoning.

To summarize, the vast majority of what the UN does on a daily basis, and does pretty well, has nothing to do with international security.  The problem with the UN SC has very little to do with the UN and everything to do with the US, China and Russia.

Colin D. Welch
Colin D. WelchI have read a lot about military history
My understanding is that before the Iraq war the UN was more effective. It made other nations realize that they could just ignore the UN without consquences.
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